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Rivera is the worst coach in the league and this win changes nothing. Carolina will continue to be the laughingstock of the NFL as long as he and Shula are here.


Who is Source?? Didn't know Source worked for the Panthers organization and what is his position within the organization? Without any of that information, this blog/claim/statement is just words pulled out of thin air and typed into a computer.


I really wanted Rivera to stay at the end of last year. How wrong I was. Today means nothing to me to change my mind. If he didn't learn from the end of last year, he really doesn't need to be here.
I believe that if it is "NOT" broken, don't fix it. It wasn't broken at the end of last year, and it wasn't broken today. I am glad he took some chances today, but until we see consistency, I will be convinced he has to go.



Keep your day job, sources remain unnamed or they don't remain sources... seriously, your observation is so stupid as to call into question whether or not you really had a point to make or were just looking for an excuse to shoot your mouth off!


Guys all I can say is Jerry and Gettleman should demend this from our coaching staff every week ...Look at the Patriots,, the Saints..and other teams that are always in there game till its over. I actually liked the play calling in this gamme ...Hey Shula how about keeping defenses guessing and off balance the rest of the season to give us a chance at the playoffs...Jerry you should demand it every week.

Steve Coss

Agree with Joe - the Panthers' play-calling was noticeably more aggressive this week. Easy to say with a 38-0 win, but I thought right from the beginning they coached and played "to win", rather than "not to lose." Liked the going for it on 4th and a half yard from the Giants 2-yard line early. Loved the TD to Ginn late in the game - go for the jugular the entire game and do what the defense does NOT expect. This was a major improvement - let's see that style of play and coaching EVERY week, and am confident this team will do a lot better the rest of the season.


Nice to get a win. But to be honest,the NYG have problems. Not a good team. Travel out west and beat the Cardinals. This game was a gimmme. Still effed up on special teams and Newton made a horrible throw on the INT. I agree with Eugene Robinson, put Ginn in the game ofter. His foot speed creates immediate problems for defenders.


For everyone who is saying that this 38-0 DEMOLISHING of another NFL team changes nothing about your thoughts of this team or this coaching staff I say this: There will be no room on the bandwagon for you when this team turns it around...anytime you hold an offense of the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE to ONE PASSING yard in a half, that's more than impressive, that's like playing on Madden on Rookie...look at their schedule out of the bye week: @ Arizona, @ Minnesota, vs. St. Louis, and @ Tampa Bay...5-2 is not out of the question...and Atlanta is getting everything they can handle down in Miami right now, so they are not unbeatable, and we kicked their @@@es last year at our place when they were making a run at home field for the playoffs...Keep Pounding!


Oh wait, a SOURCE said it? Well, that changes everything. I'll stop complaining cause the SOURCE said Coach Potato would stay on all year. Good grief Tom, ever wish you could go back and not post that compelling story?

By the way - nothing changes. Rivera is still Rivera. The Giants had as much to with the today's blowout as Rivera.


Nice thoughts Brian. Get back to us after the Atlanta game.


Come on kids, both losses were flukes, yes better play calling may have won those games early but the new OC was getting his feet wet and now with a much better called game it should give him the confidence to continue this aggressive style play calling. Why can't we all agree to believe this is the real Panthers instead of dwelling on past fluke losses? Some here hate Rivera like I hated Fox but Foxy had been here way too many years and needed to go, Rivera is still a work in progress and shouldn't be given up on until we see what happens at the end of the season.


Guys if the coaching staff isnt held accountable every week we will easily fall back in the same old play not to lose game plan ...I give credit to the coaching staff this week but this is just 1 game ...I WANT CONSISTANCY...OR TODAY MEANS NOTHING.

J. Mixon

If Rivera deserves the "hate" after losses, he certainly deserves the KUDOS after such a dominating win. So do the players and the entire organization.
To the "HATERS", you're so self-righteous and have shot your mouths off so much, that you've painted YOURSELVES into a corner. Just give it a rest.
To those that say this win means nothing unless they win every single game, you're flat out delusional. The games are played one at a time. Grow up!


@psl, I sure will...how about those 1-2 Falcons, anyway?


Is it asking to much for this team and organization to end up with a winning record good enough to get us in the playoffs????Not asking to win every game but less face it if we end up .500 it is a felled season would`nt you agree?


It's time we get a top coach. Richardson will have to be willing to invest dollars in a coach who has ability to take our developing team beyond mediocrity. Gentlemen was a good start...now let's finish it.


The level of ignorance in NC is astounding. Whether you were calling for RR's head or defending him to the bitter end, not giving credit where credit is due just shows the level of your stupidity. Rivera has been a head coach for 35 games. I choose to believe that on this day he took a leap of faith with his players and that they all grew. I predict the Panthers will make the playoffs this year. I also believe that Rivera will be our head coach for a long time.


It was a good game, but I need to see more after the bye week to convince me we're ready for the next step.


I have to agree with most of you Riveras need to hit the road, this change nothing. For our offense to play like it has the past two years and change it was crazy. You can blame mistakes for the lost to Seahawks all you want but we all know mistakes or not if we run the offense we ran last year and today there is no way we lose that game.and the buffalo game don't get me started their.

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Way to go Cam!
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Steve Smith is a cutie too!

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I want to see a few wins by Ron Rivera in close games before I crown him.

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Stay steps ahead of the opposition. GO PANTHERS!!!


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