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I can't believe this has happened again...


This town is tired of Cam "
Yes" Cam ......And Rivera.....An on an on and on.......I am even done with Smith....."A.K.A "Steve!".....Someone has to be benched or go.............And don't give me you soft Rivera response!........


Sheridan`s line has the Vikings as 2.5 favorites to beat Panthers next week. We are 2.5 underdogs against the vikes.Anyone surprised?

brian bachman

Unlike the past few years, I for one see the promise in this group. Two blown pass plays close to or in the end-zone and this would have been a different game by the end of the first half. They needed to put the blocks to AZ in the first half and would have but for a couple of mistakes. Unlike the past where I could say the secondary was broken or this or that line sucked, or the line backers are all messed up again, we have all the pieces. Even the coach was making the kind of decisions that we all thought he should have made in games past. The mistakes have to stop being made (dropped passes on the numbers) and maintenance or a killer-bee mentality for the whole game. Need stronger leadership on and off the field and more work on the basics but man-oh-man I see a team this year that I like. Go Panthers!

South Carolina Regulators

22-6, a difference of 16 points . Many offensive players to blame- Smith's drop pass gave up 7 points himself (that would have made it 22-13). Lafell gave up at least 3 points, possibly 7 on drop pass (that would have made it 22-16fg / or 22/20td). But it was Cam who gave the game away by his poor decisions while under pressure. Cam's bad decision of taking the sack in the end zone instead of throwing the ball away gave up 2 points (that would have made it 20s-16 / or 20/20. Twice Cam ran backwards backwards trying to scramble from the rush instead of quickly throwing the ball away, both times he took us out of field goal range and we had to punt (that would have made it 20-22 and we win). Three times Cam threw interceptions when we were within-or close to being within- field goal range (that would have made it 20-31 and we win. Cam will never be able to lead a team to a championship until he is given a chance to grow up. Do Cam a favor and bench him. He needs some tough love if he is ever to have that "awakening" that occurs when boys become men. Anderson can easily win with this team, so play him. Bench Cam so he can finally understand the amount of total discipline required of a quarterback to be a winner in the NFL.


This team will lose even if every team spots them 10 points. Teams like Denver and the Saints make the Panthers look like pee wee league players.

No More Seatcushions

Ron Rivera will be gone at season's end...bank on it.
Gettleman has already been ordered by the Owner to find another soft-spoken Head Coach, one who treads lightly and doesn't bring any unnecessary or embarrassing attention onto himself. This new head coach will fit the same quiet mold as Capers, Seifert, Fox, and Rivera. See a pattern here?
There will be no fiery coaches like Cowher, Gruden, Del Rio, or Billick. Quiet, conservative guys like Lovie Smith, or Assistant Coaches that won't ask for much money and will know how to simply nod their head to the press. That will be the next head coach of the Panthers. Jerry Richardson is soooo predictable, it's laughable.

Wayne D

It doesn't matter what configuration of players or how much talent this team has - they are dysfunctional and incapable of 'turning it around'. And even with as much 'talent' as Cam Newton has, he does not have the on-field awareness or consistent passing ability of an elite QB and he never will. I'd love nothing more than for the Panthers to find a sucker GM that would give up a 1st rounder for him, and get an early start on the rebuild that will require a new QB who can actually throw a screen pass without difficulty.

George from Mooresville

This should not even have been a close game. Panthers had TWO WEEKS to prepare for this game and they couldn't score a touchdown! They lose the games every week in the first or second quarter by NOT MAKING PLAYS and the staff not being prepared. Been a PSL holder since 1995 and I am done.


I keep reading there`s some winnable game ahead,You better WAKE UP, We better not over look Any of those 1-3 teams that we are getting ready to play,REMEMBER we have a offense who for some reason can`t get it done week in and week out.I would look for the Vikings to run a lot of the same type of defensive plays that Arizona did ,Being our offense had trouble protecting Cam.
We should by all means win our games against these teams but will we? And if we do it still does nt tell us what kind of team we have because we only would have beat teams with 1-3 records,We would need a 8 or 9 game winning streak to really be recognized in this league.


Cardinals shut down our running game but it was a running game we never had to begin with. Had Smitty and LaFell both caught the passes instead of dropping them--it does not matter because Cam cannot throw enough accurate balls to get us through a game.

Rivera has trouble saying what he means and mean what he says and one thing he does not say is Cam is not an accurate passer or appears to put any responsibility on Cam--its on everyone else.

Rivera and Cam need to go yesterday.


I`m a huge Panther fan and desire to see us win a super bowl but I want to through this out there, If we lose this week by chance and end up 1-4 Do we tank the season and do what Colts did to get the best accurate passer that at least can move side to side and by time for someone to get open,At least when they get open he will deliver a home run or 1st down to keep drives alive,Just saying we are at this time in the drivers seat unless everyone believes this team we have now is super bowl bound?


I have ?s for this coaching staff that deserves a response!!!
When CHUD was our offensive coordinator we averaged 38 points a game,Do we still have that playbook, We must have game film footage of that year,Why can`t we start running the same style offensive plays that CHUD drew up,Hell the players most likely still know them in there mind.All I`m saying is it worked we were a high scoring team on offense w just didnt have the defense to stop other team from out scoring us BUT WE DO NOW!!!!!FOOD FOR THOUGHT????


Anyone surprised by Foxy's success in Denver? He has the personnel he needs to get the job done. Huge mistake to have let his contract run out... Richardson should have kept Fox and fired Hurney instead - only years earlier than he actually did. Can't wait to see who Gettleman hires as the next HC... which can't happen soon enough.


I love how Rivera blames everyone but himself for these poor showings. The players had a terrible game, but Rivera and his minions had TWO WEEKS to get them ready - and they looked lost out there. He let them buy into their own BS after that blowout win vs. NYG. He should have had them working even harder and been up in their faces the whole time.

Not saying the players dont deserve the heat, they deserve a lot of it. But the team has been terrible for the last 3 years due to coaching first and foremost. Rivera cant be fired soon enough.


What I don't understand is how Chud can take a head coaching job with a bad team and have them sitting at 3 and 1. I think it is the coaching. I have a hard time believing we are anywhere close to going to a super bowl much less the play offs. I wish there were at least some adjustments made during the game. I have seen very few.

Hugo Panther

Bayou Randy stay in the swamp....your smell is repugnant!



john fox won WITH hurney.

he also won with tebow. he also won games with quarterbacks named peete, testaverde, moore, even one with jimmy clausen and one with david carr wearing those sweet white gloves.

and one with dangelo williams playing quarterback the whole game.

the guy should have gotten a lifetime contract and instead he was shown the door. hurney was never the problem either. look at the years they won and the years they were mediocre. when mediocre they were ravaged with injuries. the teams were NEVER bad under fox and hurney outside of the 2-14 intentional rebuild year.

it's rough because rivera didn't lose this one the same way he didn't win the one before it. but he definitely lost the first 2 and he definitely didn't win this won.

thankfully he won't be the coach soon. hopefully they get the next john fox and don't let him leave once they find him.


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