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Beeson is a good man ... but it's a business. I wish him all the best!


Davis came back from two ACLs and is a big part of our D now. Is anybody regretting now that we didnt cut him a year ago? Give Beason some recovery time and it doesnt matter if he plays ILB or OLB. He will be making plays. For a late round pick, its all gravy for the Giants.

John Fox

Gettleman sending some help to his old mates in the big apple. Beason still has some left in the tank, and the kitty cats jumped ship too early.


I wish JB all the best, but he just doesn't have it right now, and the Panthers can't afford to wait and see if he gets it back. Very, very smart move by Gettlemean.


I know this guy laid everything on the field when he put on that uniform. That's all a fan could ever ask for. I hope he returns to form and gets back to the Pro Bowl. Good luck Beason!


If we can afford to wait for next years late round pick, then why not move Beason to PUP and have our Pro-Bowler ready for next season?
Gettleman better find a stud with that pick but thats asking a lot considering the limited brainpower he has shown with this trade.

officer jim

Beason will always be a Panther to me,such a class act. And as Smitty just said he always plays with all he has,you can't say that about everyone on this team. John I wish you the best at New York,you will be missed here in Charlotte

big gulps

good move. dump damaged goods and move on.


beason played OLB in college and was a pro bowler at OLB the first year davis got hurt and conner played middle linebacker.

how does a "sports reporter" miss that kind of stuff?

and I agree with the sentiment that there's no real value in trading his already restructured contract for a late round pick. 5th rounder maybe (assuming giants are a bottom 5 or so team) but a 6th or a 7th? might as well ride it out and hope he returns to form even if he's a backup. linebackers get hurt. to have a guy THAT experienced as a backup?

the truth of the matter is this: if he's THAT hurt....he won't pass the physical. and if the cap gains are minimal? how does this move help us more than being a little more patient on beason. are we really not going to be able to get a 6th or 7th round pick for him leading up to the draft?

buy high sell low gettleman?


to FutreGM: I was thinking the same thing. Give him more than 3 weeks. Im hearing that he is not going to pass the physical and may end up being cut. Got that off CBS sports. However we are loaded at that spot and if there is stuff we don't know, than a 7th is better than having to cut him. I wish him the best, xcept when it will affect us.


So will this be a Thomas Davis and Giants luck out and we moved to soon, or is this a Dan Connor that we avoided.


AJ Klein is unproven and Blackburn is a slow blue collar player.


dan connor was never the talent that beason was. apples to fire trucks. klein to connor is way more applicable.

blackburn to connor. sure.

beason was a first round pick, 3 pro bowls in a row (last one at outside linebacker), team captain, all-pro 1st and all-pro 2nd in 08 and 09......

connor was a 1 year starter as a mid 3rd round pick. connor has 124 career tackles. beason topped 100 tackles each of his first 3 years.

the kicker to all of this is.......beason hasn't been getting concussed for the past 2 years and he'll only be 29 in january. if he can rehab the knee problems to the point where he can RESEMBLE his former self.......he could still have 4-5 really solid years left in him.

at the same time, he could be done entirely. but this seems wayyyyyy premature and for no real gains. for a higher pick sure, no brainer. but for a late pick? what's the point? better off being patient. even if that means IR for this year.


The way the league is based on 3 WR sets, we will be in the nickel with the majority of our sets having 2 LBs, 4 DL, and 5 DBs.

jimmy pickles

time for Kuechly 2.0 (AJ Klein) to shine!


I only say we should had atleast pushed towards the trade deadline. Beason didn't play any preseason games. And only 3 games into the season? I'm not to sure about this trade. And for a late round pick? I'm not seeing any progress in that move. He had a restructured expiring contract. Our defense is our strong point! Leadership we would need going into these division games! I know the giants can't $ a win, but they got #52 Gud luck jon.


^^^^ he was worth more than a late round pick as an assistant linebacker coach.

No More Seatcushions

There goes Charlottean...i.e. Steve "Payne In the Ass" whining about another smart decision. Hey Steven, this is about the salary cap, along with a player who is broken down and no longer worth the bucks.
Set your "Charlotte" loyalty aside and pull your head out of your fanny. Beason is no longer a starter on the woeful Panthers team. Yeah, they beat a hapless Giants team, so you're convinced the Panthers are now going to the playoffs. With losses to the Bills and Seahawks, this Panthers team is dead in the water.
Your blind loyalty makes the rest of us want to puke!


Beason never accepted that Kuechly took his job - even though he was hurt and could not perform. But when the guy that fills in takes the position and teammates gravitate towards that plyaer - Beason had to assume a lesser demonstrative role than he was used to. That's when the pride and ego come into play. Despite his inability to suit up and get right - Beason has been holding his nose the entire time. Tough stuff - but it's a business. We've kept too many because we are a nice team - and miss the playoffs while the cut throat teams play well into the playoffs! Good luck Jon - let's hope you can run again.

Big Tyne

Thanks for the years Big Beast. Good luck in NY!!

officer jim

seatcushions,how does losing to the Bills and the Seahawks make the Panther's dead in the water? Are you watching the same team I'm watching? The panther's will be in a position to win a good bit of their games this year,and if you don't understand that,why even comment on any article about the Panther's.Are you a even a Panther fan,if so how about supporting them,not throwing them under the bus,if not,Go onto the Seahawks and Bills sites to make your moronic statements where someone might care what you have to say.


I've seen this coming for over a year now. And I've been saying it all along, we should've done this in the offseason and kept James Anderson. One of the most underrated Panthers of all time. Good linebacker who quietly posted stats just as good as Beason and was always on the field. Now if Thomas Davis goes down, all of a sudden our team strength becomes our weakest link. I still think that this trade happened to quickly, and I would hope that Gettleman tried other scenarios before pulling the trigger. I would have loved to see a package to help out both teams. Beason, J. Stewart and Lafell for H. Nicks. Hometown kid finally makes it home and we fix our WR position. We now have our future #1 WR and Smitty can finish his days as the #2. Ginn in the slot with Olsen. Best receiving core in the league. D. Will becomes our feature back and Tolbert moves from #3 to full-time #2. With Barner and Armond Smith as the backups. The salaries in this trade would matchup and both teams would fix their weakest areas. The Giants finally get their true #1 running back in Stewart. David Wilson can go back to being the 32. Jon Beason when healthy, finally gives them a true linebacker who still has 5 good years left when he's back to normal. And Cruz now becomes the true #1 WR, with R. Randle as the #2 and Lafell at the #3. Lafell and Randle, plus finally having a running game will make up for the loss of Nicks. That's what I would've liked to see happen.

brian bachman

I agree, officer jim! Best of luck, John. I'll miss yelling "BEEEEEE" when you stuffed someone. I hope it's a good move for you. Sad to see you go. Solid man.


U people are idiots with too much time on your hands, find a hobby.

No More Seatcushions

officer jim...you aren't watching the same games I am. You haven't watched the past 2+ years under the direction of Ron Rivera. You want to just be faithful....to what? Sure, more losses! Rivera can't finish games, which means he is continues to be beaten by the coach on the other sidelines. Cam has a 14-20 record, but you think he is Quarterback the Panthers can count on for the future?
No, I expect results! I don't just place support on subpar performers, coaches, or even owners, for that matter. Apparently, officer jim just settles for whatever is placed on his plate in front of him. Sorry Bud, but as a fan, I demand more! Jerry has plenty of money, so hire superior talent.
Thanks officer jim for your insight. I bet there are many more like you who share your feelings and just put up with mediocrity, a losing ballclub on fall Sundays, and then say you are loyal, diehard Panther fans...what a walking oxymoron you truly are. Genuine fans speak out and demand the best; you are just the run-of-the-mill Sunday stroller with your head in the sand. I expect that the owner will spend the time and money to have this Panthers team competing for championships, year in and year out. Just how many winning seasons have the Panthers had in 19 years? 4!
Officer Jim, I am the epitome of a true Panthers fan, and you're just a tailgater wearing a skirt.

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