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Going to be a long season...... With now coach and quarterback...oops team

Fed Up

The only way we win another game this year is if the other team leaves to go home at half. Even then this coaching staff we find a way to keep it close.


Stop living in denial, this has been the same pattern the last three years. The coaching staff is not at a pro level.


Could not agree more....the screens we did run worked and then we quit...also why did we not blitz Palmer in long yardage?....what happened at halftime, do Rivera just decide to see how bad he could coach?...our head coach is just in way over his head....thanks Hurney, you continue to haunt us with your lousy decisions....is our owner ever going to come out of hiding and tell us fans why he has continued to allow this to happen?


Could not agree more....no adjustments. But can we figure out a way to fire Mr. Richardson?


Can we get a new coach now?


does anybody agree that we are a below .500 team this season,With this coaching staff.


Jerry Richardson is to blame for the whole thing. He tried to hire cheap with Rivera and made a reporter his GM Hurney.


All the blame can't go to the QB no protection, drop passes. Like Tom says lack of adjustments.


Time for the coaching staff to go. They have had time to adjust and have just failed to do onn many occasions..


we've been out coached a lot, I can't understand what they are thinking. Shula and Rivera are not using any of the strenghts of the team when situations call for it. It's amazing to have such bad play calling kill a talented team like this.


Agreed, Tom. There needed to be adjustments. Even the announcer was critical of the play calling. It's clear that Shula can't cut it, and that Cam doesn't have what it takes between the ears.


Coaching bad, management bad, QB inconsistent. Cam is a Vince Young clone until he proves otherwise. Being a great athlete helps, but the most important attribute for an NFL QB is the ability to throw consistently accurate passes. Cam fails there, even when he has time.


Mr. Richardson reads Tom's articles.....maybe he will read this.....fire the coaching staff, then take two weeks off and quit yourself. You are a cranky old man.


Enough is enough. Fire the coach now and bring in someone that will set the stage for the rest of the year and get a jumpstart on next year. I know it's early in a long season and we are only 1-3, but I don't see any positives here in this coaching staff. Cut the ties now and let's move on.


All time low. Every time you think the Panthers "are making the turn" they play a game like this. I don't pretend we were/are contenders. It not's even believing in making the playoffs. But now, (again) - it's that nothing will ever change. As soon as Smith dropped that first TD pass, I knew where this game was going.


and Jerry Richardson needs to make a decision. Does he want to build a team to win - or is this just a hobby of his to have a team. Adjustments need to start with him.

Wade O'Shields

Steve Smith shculd get his ASS chewed out for dropping those throws, like he chewed out a player 2 weeks ago on the side line. Steve is part of the problem. Get rid of him as well as hot shot newton.


sooo many............ I don't even know what to say. I've never stop watching a game but I can't do this anymore. Makes me a miserable mess for my family. Too many things to list that was bad.
2 things however.. If cardinals feel good about that win they are kidding themselves and The Refs obviously had money on the Cards. Officiating was horrendous and blatantly obvious.

lost panther fan

get rid of the coaches

keep kicking the big cat and the panthers will end up in cali...

while he puts 1 billion in his pocket


Mr. Richardson needs to man up and understand his part in this.

Let's explore history.....Bill Polian works for you and things start well. Then he chooses son Mark over Mr. Polian. Odd that he could find Mark, must have known the phone number of Victoria Secrets.

Then he fires Mark....allows a sportswriter to run the team for 9 years.....great idea.

Do I need to keep going?

t .roberts

Starts at the top you have to bring in coaches with winning traditions to rub off on the players not wannabes why do you think we have shula no one else wanted him he was a cheap fix gettlemen seems to be headed in the right direction if he doesn't get cut off by the higher ups. Some franchises are better than others we just happen to be stuck in a city that can't get out right with any sport why do you think luck stayed in college so he wouldn't have to come here I think he was pretty smart. Sad but true

Matt Brown

Dear Mr. Richardson

Please hire Bosie State Coach as Offense coordinator, Lovie Smith as Head coach and keep the current Defensive Coordinator. Most of all pick up Josh Freeman to compete with Cam or take his job.

Thank You


All the writers are quiet....air silence or is there something going on?
Sad part is firing coach leaves owner in place.

SC Ken

I can't remember when the Panthers last won following a bye! I thought the defense played well, Ginn and Olsen as well. The rest of the offense stunk. While the offensive line looked bad, Cam was taking way too much time getting rid of the ball. This loss falls squarely on the poor game plan and Cam's pitiful performance..

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