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Things that did work we went away from like passing to Olsen he was beating his guy all day long and what does Shula do he starts calling plays to smith and lafell who both dropped critical passes.I would of told Cam to continue to burn them with Olsen until they took it away.

Jackie Hawkes

The sad thing is we all complain but you all still pay those horrendous fees to go and watch a losing team. I stay at home and get mad as a hornet because we lose so many games. The panthers will never be a winning team as long as the players have their lackadaisical attitudes. They were smiling and laughing on the sidelines after making stupid plays. Tell them they won't get paid if they keep losing. Let's see how many smiles you see then. Or give them half pay. I think all the losing teams should give their full pay to the Harvest Food Bank one Sunday. Just think of how many people could eat off that!!!!


Cam Newton's head is too big for his helmet. He turned around and laughed after Rivera addressed the offense on the sideline. Bench him and let him come back down to earth when he sees he can be replaced.

Fred miller

Dropped pass for TD, dropped pass for 1st down, settle for FG, Cam forces throw inside the 5 yd. line, INT.
THREE touchdowns pissed away, coaches fault ? Hardly !
Cam was down in the mouth and going 3/4 speed after that fiasco....
Cam is not a drop back passer, he needs to roll out, or straight drop then sprint to side, plant and throw or keep.
Smithy had a rough game, Olsen was solid as always, but inexplicably, they quit throwing to him.
Run wise, not sealing the corner, not going to turn the corner, settle for 2yds. Seal the damn corner !
Come on, we are not playing to our strengths.
Travel to Minn. and kick their ass, salvage the season.
Lose up there, start division play, get ass handed to the rest of the season.

Cedar Posts

Might as well say Save The Tatas!

Nothing I post here will matter.

Jerry with carry our coach until the end of the season, and we will all be another year older. Us fans can wait but our players, some who won't have next year deserve better.


I also kept wondering where are the adjustments on offense and defense. Sadly this has been a three year bad dream. It seems in all the losses there are critical mistakes made by one or more players that for this team and coaches are too much for them to overcome.


unbelieveable game, we could have won this game with no problem , receivers
had stone hands, smitty is not a number one receiver any more he;s number
2 or 3 at best,..cam newton is not
our guy. and these coaches are done, and
for defense, they could not stop the run, are you kidding me.until panthers
win 2 games in a row....i'll find
something else to do. and i'm done.

Shane P

Coach Barbrady.

George Hanson

One more turd sandwich in an Endless string of turd sandwiches!


The win against the winless Giants notwithstanding, the Panthers missed their chance to salvage this season when they didn't dismiss Rivera after Week 2. This week's loss is as much on the players as the coach, but does anyone see this team going anywhere positive with the current coaching staff.


Why does the Carolina coaching staff try to make Cam a pocket passer. He has to be on the move to be an effective quarterback. He is not a pocket passer.


shula olsen was beating his guy all day why did we go away from that it moved the chains repeatedly until you went away from it,You should of made them adjust then take advantage of there adjustment with Ginn . Please explain what you seen unfold in this game for the plays you called it dosent seem you are getting a feel for what working and how tro adjust,With the pressure cam was getting why didnt we roll him out more it would have bought him time to look down field.


Ive had it now. Go to seattle game and leave dissapointed as usual. Fly all the way to arizona and get humiliated by cardinal fans . Wish ron rivera would get the ax. No more games for me if i dont have to use the tickets.


Let Proehl call the plays.


Ginn is catching everything that is throwed his way thats catchable,Smith is not catching whats catchable,Lafell dropped a critical 4th down pass that was catchable. Is catchable a word? Did I spell catchable correct?


The era of Ron Rivera is really going great isn't it? What's a coach. And I sure am glad we got rid of John Fox, I wonder how he's doing?

Shirley Bossbach

Riviera is a nice man but a coach he is not. They are not playing Cam to his strengths like they did the first couple of years when he did well. It's like they're trying to force him into a different mold. I'm a Bama fan and I like Coach Shula but the offensive play calling stinks. It gets harder to watch even though you want to support our guys. We have some talented players but we need someone who knows how to put it together. Unfortunately, Riviera it's not!!!


mopey, dopey, and smidley couldn't get it together again...


I can't wait for Cam to get another set of coaches and see how much of a difference that will make in his play. I also can't wait for Steve Smith to be gone so that Cam won't have him to focus on so much. Shula needs to be replaced NOW!!! Gettleman must know someone who would fill in for a few months. As for Gettleman, the whole idea of drafting the best player available really only works when there are no glaringly weak parts of your team, an O Lineman should have been picked in the second round since that is the weakest part of the team, as we see EVERY week. So Gettleman gets part of the blame for this mess. Unfortunately there won't be a next year, maybe not even a next month, for football.


Everybody needs to get off Steve Smith's ass. How often does he drop a pass? Rarely.


The fact that they lost does not soley lie on Cam, Rivera or other players. Here's my point. We had 7 dropped passes. That's not Rivera's fault. The players failed to captialize when we had a chance to score. I think we were in the red zone three times and could have scored.

4th and 1 and Cam tries to throw the ball to Lafell. Bad decision.
That's Cam's call I'm sure bc the announcer's made mention that Newton changes plays at the line of scrimage 70% of the time.
At least Rivera didn't punt.

Cam's play was all over the place for sure. There were times he looked great in the first half and times in the second where he just seemed to be in a fog. Lacking confidence.
I agree with all of yoy that the coaching has to adjust and play to your strengths. Like Tom said, if they take away the long pass, throw the screen. Freaking let Cam run on short yardage.

Did Rivera get outcoached, YEP. Do we need to make a change?
FOR SURE...WIll CAM make it in the NFL? I have some serious doubts.


Bench Cam Newton in favor of Derek Anderson. He can't be any worse than Cam. Fire Rivera NOW and try to salvage as much of the season as possible. Make Cam compete for his job next year. If the bucs can bench Freeman, the PANTHERS can surely bench Newton.


Keeping Rivera past last season was not smart. Putting Shula in as OC was dumb. When you can't beat Buffalo or Arizona, and your win is against the suddenly toothless Giants, I will be greedy and hope they lose out to get the best draft pick possible as they have no playoff hope for this year already. (I want Cam to do well, but I think his attitude hinders him immensely)


Time to move on from Rivera, Shula and Cam.

They are proven losers.

Smitty is on his last leg, no game with over 57 yards receiving this year, now dropping balls. Olsen and LaFell are not quality 2nd/3rd options. The offensive line? HA! Worst in the league.

The front 7 is all we have. The secondary is full of middling UDFA players.

Let's face it, we have a dysfunctional organization, a horrible owner, poor coaches and coordinators, and a LOSER for a QB.

Time to move on... let's join the Teddy Bridgewater sweepstakes because CAM IS CLEARLY NOT AN NFL STARTING QB.

Randy D

Olsen - 5 catches for 79 yards in the first half; not even thrown to in the second half. Is that on Cam or Shula? With all the blitzes, he had to be open and the Panthers are trying to go for the home run every time.

Who calls a pass play on 4th and 1 inside the 20 when you have a battering ram like Tolbert? Yes, LaFell should have caught the ball that hit him right in the hands, but really?

Cam holds the ball too long and never, ever throws it away to avoid the sack. That is on the coaches.

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