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Well... one more good draft pick coming up. I think Gettlemen knows what he's doing, so I hope our next coach will be pretty good. Maybe that guy from Stanford In the next couple years, we need to decide if Cam Newton is the franchise or not.

Marty Hernia

If the team moves to CA with a new owner and becomes a winner then that is OK with me. I can watch them on Sunday Ticket and not have to waste money on going to that boring stadium. MOVE OR SELL PLEASE MR. JERRY.


Cam is just not intelligent enough to be a starting QB in the NFL. This is year 3 -- the year when QB's are supposed to "get it." Well, Cam is not getting it. He's actually getting worse. 4 turnovers vs. a mediocre defense is inexcusable. H'es still locking in on primary targets, holding the ball too long, innacurate throws. He is CLEARLY not a leader. I say keep Kuechly and our D-Line, burn the rest of the team to the ground. We won't be competitive until 2015-16 at best.

Signed, PSL Holder (who will be selling tix on stubhub for the rest of the season... if they get bought, that is). Thanks Mr. Richardson!!! I sincerely enjoy spending thousands on a putrid and pitiful team while you make hundreds of millions!

Hawaiian Bob

In hindsight, beating the now 0-5 Giants doesn't seem like that great of an accomplishment. Yesterday's play bore that out.

I do give some kudos to Cam for not giving up after his last interception and chasing the dude down to tackle him. Not many quarterbacks could do that, or would even try.


^^^ That's what we've come to? Giving credit to our QB for making a tackle after yet another interception?

Well, yeah, we've got that going for us...

Maybe Cam should just starting handing the ball off the opposing DLinemen, then Gross and Kalil can make the tackle and we can at least give them credit for that.


Shula is not, nor ever will be in my opinion, a pro football offensive coordinator. When you see that your offensive plays are being shut down then you adjust to something different. It almost seems as if he only brings a few plays with him, and if they don't work, so-be-it!

I said this once, and I will say it again. Cam Newton had a fluke first year. The league didn't know how to react to his playing style, but now they have his number. All they have to do is get into his head early on, and it's downhill for him after that. Yes, he has set a lot of QB records, however, a pro QB has to have consistency, a cool head, and know how to get his team motivated on the side lines. Cam sulks too much when things don't go his way.

The offensive line looked like pure garbage this weekend. No QB, no matter how good he is, will ever make plays when he has to worry about getting sacked every play. Although, even those times Newton had time he still failed to make plays, I am sure the sacks are still on his mind.

Cat up a tree

The panthers really make it hard to be a fan and keep supporting a team that plays for only a half! It's very hard to sit in a sports bar and root for you guys when we are every other teams "homecoming" game. Why don't I ever see cam looking at the pictures that all the elite qb's look at?! It's just sickening. I have tickets for the St. Louis game that I'm debating on attending. It just sucks.



The entire game was lost by Cam and his PATHETIC play. Quit making excuses for him. He is garbage. I can't wait for him to play out his contract and head out of town. With him at QB, we have zero shot.

But you keep blaming the coaches, the GM, the sun, the fans, the weather, the....


One coach made adjustments, one didn't. Rivera has to go, we've seen this movie too many times.


I want to cry when I think of the Panthers and the QB's they could have had during that first pick draft year. Do they pick one who has a good arm of accuracy. Oh no they might win a few.

Tell Cam to stop backing up losing yardage instead of going forward cause the guys break lose and he ends up fodder hanging on to that ball too much. Forget it this guy is not NFL material. Never was never will be. Stop wasting time.


This is definitely a ways from being a great team but these coaches have got to go. Apparently making Cam stay "in the pocket" and not scrambling that he does best is just plain stupid. Sacks, interceptions and no dual threat. Awful!! Ron R looks like a deer in headlights on the sideline!


Classic Panthers game, go as quickly as possible away from what is working on offense to ensure we lose. We were giving them a heavy dose of runs, quick slants, bubble screens that couldn't be stopped. We were utilizing the TEs, WRs and everyone in between. Why go away from that?


He came, we looked, we saw, now bench Cam. Lets not play favorites here since this is business. When I vetted this guy all I could think was--what were "they" thinking.

I watched a baby on the field yesterday who did not know what to do. Can he not see downfield? Why does he throw to guys who are not open. never mind the too high too low throws that are bad. Bench him trade him do something. Other guys would be gone long ago and not gotten the consideration her gets.

Sorry but I tried to be nicer about this but the Panthers are in bad need of a QB cause the one we got is taking down the team of some really good players. There are some guys who are good in college and they get out there on the field with men and cannot hack it and Cam is one of those guys.


Cam holds the ball WAY too long. It gives the defense time to adjust to the routes and the pass rush too long to work on penetration.

Run through the middle of the line NEVER works. Why do they try it so often?


If Rivers don't do something about the play calling he going to lose his job.Do you think they read these post because if they did they would be a better team.


Why do people blame hurney. His time here he drafted seamlessly. He drafted gross smith peppers cam Luke Charles Johnson hardy gamble d will stewy Khalil Davis beason Morgan. Injuries we're his downfall. He payed big dollars to guys that aren't contributing but you can't predict the injuries of beason stewy Khalil. At the time they were the cornerstones of are team. Quit blaming him and realize we need someone to develop our qb. A defensive minded Rivera isn't gonna develop him.


This offensive scheme takes away Cam's strengths, his legs and athleticism. Why try to make him a pocket passer where he becomes a "sitting duck" behind this woeful offensive line. Let's roll him out, away from pressure, and put him in space with more run/pass options.


Shula has never been successful as an OC. Who expected anything different .


89 catches the ball in the endzone and it's a different game. Everything would have changed with that TD because we were beating them soundly on offense. Coming away with 3 game them life and then came our usual burning of the playbook.


Blow it up, start rebuilding for 2016 (sigh).

Being a Panthers fan will definitely test your mental toughness. I pride myself in my loyalty to many things in my life, and I am still a Panthers fan, but they are making me 2nd guess my decision to switch over from the Redskins when they came to Charlotte.

Greedy/senile owner, incompetent coaches, loser/brainless QB, and Kuechly. That pretty much sums up the Panthers.


Washington and Dansby won the game for AZ. The Carolina D did fine - forced three turnovers and held up except for when they had a really short field. I am not sure the Panthers were the better team - AZ and the Bills are likely on the same level as the Panthers so they should beat us at home. Maybe the problem is too many Panther fans think the team is better than it is... We have a lot of trouble with both pass and run blocking and last time i checked that was the fondation of your offense. And the NFL today is more about offense than defense...


could not agree more. against a consistent 5,6,7 man blitz i thought the panthers would run screens, run a spread or go to the checkdown game and clear out the middle of the field,voided by the blitzing LBs...we had 2 weeks to prepare a gameplan and once again showed no ability to adjust. A bad game from cam is made worse by the coaches consistently putting him in positions to fail


its a shame bcuz in the 1st half he was hot. We saw throws only he could make...but he does have to play well in spite of what goes wrong to be a franchise qb


Cam says their`s no need to panic yet,Shame seems the attitude of the coaches. I saw Lafell on the sideline after missing that 4th down catch smiling. Defense played well enough to win this game if there was some support from the offense. Cam got out played by Palmer any way you look at it.Rivera was out coached by their coach who calls his own plays,They don`t have a offensive coordinator.


It would appear that Richardson doesn't really care about putting the best product on the field, ineffective coaching and prior gm decisions (don't know about the current one). Wasting Newton's talent with no supporting cast and a really subpar coordinator. Maybe ticket holders and buyers should be allowed to pay in accordance with the team's success (or lack thereof).

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