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week 1.


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we would've won by 14+ if Cam hadn't of been overthrowing WR's by 5 feet, he needs to figure that problem out. Would've been panther domination, i hope he improves a little in that regard.

loving the defense, we did not appear to be missing Beason today. hahaha

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Great team win including coaching staff,Yes there needs to be improvements which brings up HOW... !1st Im a big panther fan and I`m not coming down on Cam BUT!... somehow someway he must be shown and told how critical it is to miss wide open receivers, Once and awhile is understandable but damn being consistent at it is another thing ,Hes a grown man talk to him as one ,About his mistakes and how lucky we were to have a great defense that over came his mistakes . The reason I bring this up now is if we get in the playoffs down the road you must play mistake free ball or you go home,1 or 2 int.s and its over, Work on this now Shula.. Rivera...Dorsey so we can make a legit run at it....

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Another huge game next week and in a prime time slot, Ron the Patriots beat Carolina in the only superbowl appearance they`ve
attended.Jerry remembers this still today and nothing would make him happier than for you to dominate and win this game in
front of the home crowd , Huddle the coaching staff together and win this one for the old man ,JR want forget it.


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