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You think it's bad with some moronic Panther fans , you should check out how insanely paranoid Pats fans---even after the refs robbed the Browns last week on a PI call in which no Brown even touched the Pats receiver.

Pats fans: crazy.

Steve Warren

I recall yesterday refs rescinding a call against the Panthers after considerable discussion with Steve Smith. I believe it was originally called an illegal formation but refs picked up the flag for at least 4th time this season. In all the years I've watched the Panthers I never remember a flag being picked up, much this many until this season.

Bob Smith

The ref's were against us for the SF game and the NE game. No way could they have not been.

How does one become the "First Down Marker Guy"??

What an awesome job that would be!

Worlds Best Jobs

NFL Team Owner
First Down Marker Guy
NFL Commish


The Top Five Whiniest Fans who complain most about refs:

(as observed by me in constant reading/trolling on other fan message boards/web pages).

1a) Cowboys
1b) Patriots
3) Forty-Niners
4) Dolphins
5) Cardinals


No conspiracy here, but as a Bobcats fan I will always believe the NBA draft lottery is rigged. See Chicago somehow getting the top pick (w/ a 1.something% chance)to draft Chicago native Derrick Rose. Rigged.


Yes, the Panthers have been fortunate to have a few flags picked up. They picked up the flag on Smitty because they had no choice. Smitty appealed to the one official with a conscience who explained to the NY ref that Smitty was not covering up an eligible receiver. But Mr. NY Ref got his revenge on Captain's TD. So now flopping down on your back and being piled on by your teammates is taunting? Hardly. The Jets had blown the game completely, and NY McCauley couldn't deal with it. So he threw the flag to help the Jets get better field position. And if you don't think rotten officiating is rampant all over the NFL this year, you haven't been paying attention. These guys are even worse than the scab refs we had at the beginning of last year. For everyone.


Going to the ground to celebrate is an automatic flag. If the announcers would have known the rule then they could have explained it to TV land. Unfortunately we had to listen to Dan Dierdorf, who if brushed up on the rules a tenth of the amount of time he spends spewing about what a great lineman he was at Michigan would be a much better announcer.


All I know is that I have NEVER seen a player WIN an arguement regarding a penalty, except Steve Smith did it yesterday without being tossed for talking to a game official.

That right there should be proof that the refs aren't plotting against us...they could have let the call stand and throw Smith out if they wanted to.


Tom to think that NFL officials are above corruption is small minded. All humans are capable of corruption and a lot of other things. There's nothing wrong with fans getting a bit paranoid when the officials often make calls that the replay shows is wrong if not impossible to call. I've watched football every week for over 50 years. Bad calls are routinely made every game. You just have to hope that they even out and the call doesn't decide the game.




I haven't ever believed in the Refs vs favorite team crap. The Panthers have gotten several breaks this year that I am thankful for.

Also to add to this, I have NEVER seen a player SUCCESSFULLY lobby a ref to reverse a penalty like Steve Smith did Sunday against the Jets when Jordan Gross motioned. That was one of the best things I've ever seen!

officer jim

Refs are human and all humans make mistakes,if anyone thinks they can do better please become an NFL Ref,so you can make the game better for all the people who are always looking over their shoulder.


What an idiot the ref was to not recognize an unbalanced line. That flag should have never been thrown. The two PI flags were picked up because the ball was intercepted well in front of the receiver. If you play those two plays at full speed, you can see that the receiver had no chance. Slow motion can be very deceptive.

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