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Jason Witt

I would love to see the TE from UNC Ebron fall to the Panthers. IF gone would not mind the WR from FSU Benjamin. Need to get Cam a young weapon to pair with him for 10 years. Maybe grab a O-line and CB in free agency.....

Marty Hurney

We need more hog mollies but need some "skill" players as well. CB position is lean and we desperately need some talent at WR beyond Smith (who is 35). No problem taking some big guys again, but we need some dominant corners and receivers.


Shula is one of our better OCs. Glad hes staying. Not Henning good but solid. Hey Tom, have you blocked out the memories of the OC Jeff Davidson era? Painful.


If we had a CB like Cris Gamble was for us I think the out come would have been in our favor. Next season we have to address CB, WR & OL!! I want a lock down CB but those can be hard to find.


OL is a priority. It will help the run game and the pass game. Silatolu, Kugbila will return next year but if a stud OT is there pick 'em.


Chris Gamble was good for a couple years more. Maybe his heart wasn't in it anymore but having sat out a season on his couch he is still better than what we had this season. Now we gotta go find a guy on the cheap as well as fill other holes.

Our OL was banged up from the start. We didn't have good run blocking this year so, yes, hog mollies are in order but I'd prefer veteran help on the OL as apposed to depending on drafting the right kids.


WR is a top-priority, followed by OT, then CB, with TE/S not too far behind.

If we can get a tall, polished WR like Jordan Matthews or Allen Robinson as our WR1, it would make a world of difference for Cam. Steve Smith would become a much more effective playmaker at WR2, and make Ted Ginn even more dynamic at WR3.

Any RT we pick in the 2nd or 3rd round will be a upgrade over Byron Bell. Getting Amini and Kugbila back healthy (along with Garry Williams if we re-sign him).

There are also some talented CBs in the 3rd/4th round range, too.

The future is bright..

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