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who are you claiming had pull in downtown phoenix...it can't be a roadie for billy idol, or you, so who did you leave out?

Kilgore Trout

The Super Bowl should always be on Saturday.


Fist, fire the fool who thought playing it in an outdoor stadium in NJ in February was a good idea.

Then put the word out that it will only be played in indoor stadiums.


Amen on Saturday games. Zero reason this should be on Sunday.

Mike Honcho

Play the game in Green Bay!


This has become the NFL equivalent of the NCAA Punishment Bowl, aka the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl played in Boise in December.

Mike W

Interestingly, most of the complaints are coming from media heads.

If the forecast happened to be an oddity for NY this time of year, 50 degrees and sunny, then nobody would be saying a thing about it. Suck it up drama queens. It's football and meant to play in mud, rain, sleet and snow.


It's stupid to have the Superbowl in a cold city. The founders of the Superbowl always chose warm weather sites. They had nothing to prove.

David W Dry

What the diff? No actual FANS are able to get tix. It's all about corporate sponsorship and big money...and those guys won't sit out in the cold. Don't be surprised to see empty seats!


Superbowl on saturdays would be awesome. I hate it when they have championship games on sunday or monday nights. People want to pound some brews while they watch without having to work the next day.


The name is that egomaniac Roger Goddell. Time for the owners to get to get together and fire his pompas ass. He will be, if not already, the downfall of the NFL. Enough is enough.


I agree 100%. There are enough warm weather cities and domed stadia to play in. Who wants to go to New Jersey (or Pittsburgh or Detroit for that matter) for the Super Bowl? It's not only a game, it's a celebration. By the beginning of February, most people are sick of cold weather. I think it should be played on Saturday as well.


Move it to Saturday. There will never be a national holiday on that Monday, and just about anyone who watches the Super Bowl and are big football fans know that the next day is usually a pretty rough one.


Also, for the teams playing in the Super Bowl.. congratulations you get to go play the biggest game of your entire football career in crippling cold weather. If you're an athlete that relies on their athletic ability (running fast, jumping high, hard hits, etc.) it is extremely hard to get your body operating at 100% in debilitating cold weather conditions. Understandable that this is the game of football, however as fans we deserve for the players to be able to perform at 100% in the biggest game of the year.

Dana Johnson

Trying to prove your city is Super Bowl worthy is as stupid as your country being Olympics worthy. Stick w/ proven cities where people actually want to go. I predict the Sochi games are really going to be a bummer. Warm cities rule when it comes to the Super bowl and just accept the fact and get on with the nachos!


Saturday would suck. And a cold weather Super Bowl is cool. Poor little rich people will have to bundle up. Boo-freaking-hoo.

big gulps

can the richardson family make it happen in charlotte or do they lack the pull of the mara family


As a native San Diegan, I like that idea! Besides, the very fact we're talking about the WEATHER instead of FOOTBALL has already detracted from the game.

Sadly, San Diego will never host another SB (even though Al Michaels said "We should have here every year" at the last one)because the citizens of SD refuse to build Dean Spanos a new stadium.


An outdoor, grass field, cold weather city once every 5 or 7 years is a good thing. Toughen up Sorensen.



I have never understood why teams who pay their players and coaches millions of dollars think that taxpayers should pay for their stadiums.

Tell me again who the "entitlement class" is.

Warm weather fan

Although I think playing on Saturday would be neat, I also think that even talking about it now shows that Goddell recognizes the mistake he made in choosing this venue. Also, choosing to start the game at 6:20PM is an even bigger mistake. We will start with a 5 degree +/_ temperature, and then watch it get much colder by 8 or 9PM. I predict several thousand empty seats by halftime if people show up at all. As someone earlier said, most of these folks are NOT diehard fans.


Every playoff game in Green Bay is exiting! Remember 96 and salt and pepper! If we had won who the hell would have cared if we played the super bowl at the North Pole! Go Panthers!!!

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