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TBill said:Peyton Manning didn't even make the playoff his first 5 years in the league.

and don't forget the Bucs gave up on and traded Steve Young in favor of...wait for it...Vinny Testaverde


Great column, some people just need to be quiet. Leave the analysis to those who understand the game, the team, and who truly bleed black and blue.

Hater Hater

Man all this is BS, I've been a Panther fan since 1995 when I met Lamar Lathan, Frank Reich, Sam Mills, Kevin Greene, I was a teenage then and I/ve followed them thru the good and bad and this past season was a really good one for us. We finally have a Coach to compliment the current team, we have a very good QB that anyone in the NFL would take right now! Leave Ron alone, Leave Jerry Richardson alone, and leave Carolina Panthers alone with that. At least Dallas Cowboy fans don't act this way.Gettleman is handling his job and he's doing a good one, so anything negative to say about the Coach of the Year, QB that is very promising and a team that hasn't quit, leave that under your chin and squash that BS! Panthers 4 life!


The Panthers had a great year - even better when you consider the salary cap issues and injuires to the O-Line and DBs early in the year. I think what we need to do is draft a couple o-linemen in the first two rounds, a WR in the third round, an RB in the fourth and then DBs the rest of the draft. I would franchise Hardy and pickup a vet CB via FA. I would not resign Cam until this time next year just because it will help the Cap for 2014. I think Hardy will be lost after 2014 so we need to groom his replacement next season.

spaceman mike

I do not understand why people call Jerry Richardson cheap. It really does not make much sense. At one point Julius Peppers was the highest paid defensive player. Charles Johnson was the highest paid NFL player 2 years ago. He pays running backs plenty of money. You can argue that he pays too much to the wrong players but dont call him cheap (asking the city for money for escalators seems cheap but that is besides the point).


I don't know who the ranters are but I am a Panthers fan and have been since day 1. The other folks rant and rave and probably never played a game (competively) in their life. There are plenty of teams that didn't get as far as we did (Dallas, Pittsburgh, ATL, INDY). If you just got on the bandwagon you can get off now. GO PANTHERS GO!

big gulps

I'm gonna die if we beef up the O-line and it gives Cam more time to look around before he hits a receiver in the ankles or overthrows one by a mile. Hopefully he gets it dialed in.

Pounding We should keep

Kilgore Trout

Haters gonna hate. It must be exhausting .


Have any of you played football at any level?


Tom. Thanks for posting. You can see by the response this is a popular topic. As an original PSL holder and at the Niner's game I would like to see the Panthers post their first back/back winning and playoff seasons. That will go a long way in building a culture of expecting to win we've never had in previous Panthers teams. The Panthers have a great nucleus of young talented players. We need to put some more playmakers around Cam with an improved O-Line. If they can do that I'd like to see where Cam and Luke could lead the team next year. If Cam is signed thru 4 yrs with the Panthers having a 5 yr option let Cam play 1 more year on his contract and then think about a long term extension if we continue to see improvement and leadership. GO PANTHERS!


Cam is ok...he just needs to quit throwing off his back foot! A little more Peyton type preparation wouldn't hurt either!

The Truth is this...

Please do not compare Cam Newton to Peyton Manning or Brady or Brees or even Luck. The others are all proven leaders not only on the field but off. They don't crave or seek out the publicity as Mr. Newton does and I'm sure age has something to do with it but he says he wants to be as great as they are, its time to start emulating them holistically. The sulking with the towel on the head or Superman pose or first down gesture he makes or even the adolescent "flying" on the field are key indicators of the emotional growth and where his focus is, on himself. He is a heck of an athlete and I'm sure will only get better but excellence is not an act, it is a habit. I can't speak for anyone else only myself but it is easy to see enormous gap of where Cam stands now and where he wants to be.

Panthers Fan Fourever!!

I've been a lifelong fan since 1995 when the Panthers became a team and I overall very happy with this season. I don't even give the naysayers any of my attention as they make little to no sense. We made the PLAYOFFS idiots!!!!! not the first round but the second round earned in the regular season against some of the best teams. Quit Your Crying Pus!Ys!!!!


The offensive line needs major revamping.


I enjoyed the ride with the Cardiac Cats this year. Cam does need more weapons. Look at what happened when Kaep was without weapons. Look at Russell Wilson -- Lynch/Tate (and he's a #2 receiver) on offense and Sherman/Co on defense.

The Panthers need to be able to call on its QB to make plays but it also needs playmakers at the other skill positions. The defense was shored up last year. This year the offense needs some help.

Go Panthers!


Knee jerk reactions never are a good thing so accessing the Panthers overall after a tough loss may not be a good thing. Just like all teams, there are areas for improvement. Great teams know those areas and focus there. For the Panthers for too long the front office had based its decisions on reputation, not performance. Example, Deangelo, good back, but numbers skewed, several 1 or no gain rushes then an occasional long one, great for highlights, horrible for sustaining a drive. Gave impression he was a productive back, when in fact only a few plays productive. Truth be told, it was Cam's scrambles on passing plays not Deangelo moving the sticks down the stretch. I don't want to come across as too negative, it was a great season, thank you Panthers. Hopefully the front office will work on problem areas and 2014 will be better yet.

The Kraken

Release the Kraken!!

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