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I'd welcome Incognito here. Martin, no way. The NFL isn't for crybabies.


Miami coach Philbin did not want team captains. He did create a "leadership council" of six players including Incognito and Pouncey. That is some bad coaching.


If Incognito gets a job in the NFL before Martin, then the League has a sickness down to its core. Martin has a right to a work environment free from harassment from idiots like anybody else in any other line of work. He was good enough to start for the Dolphins. Hope he gets another shot with a better team. I'd welcome him here, and so would Gross & Kalil. They've demonstrated they have what Incognito lacks - class.

And Ben, you're a jerk - probably some tiny, little man who was himself bullied and has self-esteem issues. Yeah, you know you do. So do we.


Nope, I was the bully. The meek inherit the earth, but they don't open holes for running backs.



I'll go ahead and admit I didn't read all of them, but I don't see where anyone gets that Martin was a victim here.


Also worth pointing out that Martin's mom is an attorney specializing in workplace harassment suits.


And, oh yeah, would we be ok with Vick coming to Carolina?


Yeah, Ben. We don't need character on the team at all. Let's go get Darren Sharper, too. Who cares if we got convicted rapists on the team, as long as he can cover that receiver....


And while we're at it, let's go get Rae Carruth back. I'm sure that killer attitude will come in handy.

Phil Lattio

Trolls are gonna troll, don't feed em'...


The report follows the release of thusands of texts including many vulgar ones by Martin. The report says Martin himself harassed a teammate but excuses his behavior by noting he was copying others. Seems the media is giving Martin a free pass.

The Kraken

Release the Kraken!!


And to think Mark with a C at WFNZ wants the Panthers to sign Incognito...what a smuck!


People still listen to "The Drive" after Taylor left?......

Sports don

There was a bully LB on my HS team and you either joined in or were a target. Everyone including the coaches knew. He was also a monster on the field and bullying was accepted in the 80's. I kept a low profile around him as I thought it best not to give him any reaction he wanted. I did nail him in the back of the head with a tape ball once and got away with it. One of the most satisfying memories of my unspectacular junior season. Guys like that divide a team and should never be knowingly added. Richardson would never allow it. The Raiders might.


Ben is a puskat posing as a lion. Probably
5'2" and 110lbs. Bully's are sick humans.

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