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matt kemp

Is this game even a rivalry anymore? Duke SWEPT the tarholes last year,and now UNcheat is not even ranked. I think Duke-Syracuse is the new Duke-Unc rivalry!


No reason, this game needs to be canceled.


>> We meet at a sports bar instead.

Yeah, because the best thing to do in a snowstorm isn't drive, it's DRINK and drive.

TS = Imbecile

Bob Roberts

some things transcend weather

Michael Wayne Esquire

Matt Kemp, don't be one of those puke idiots that are idiot enough to cling to the very recent series record, this is one of the oldest rivalries in sports and and both sides have arguable points, like , oh say, Hansborough is the only 4 year player to ever beat the "other" team all 4 years he was there on your supposed biggest home floor advantage, you want Syracuse as your new rival? well you're already 0-1 in that one, congratulations. This rivalry wouldn't be considered as the greatest in all of college sports if both team weren't always at the top of the heap, not one year, but year in and year out.

Steve McDonald

"The Blue Devils should join the Tar Heels in this request since the crowd will be decidedly North Carolina."

Imagine that, a decidedly North Carolina crowd in North Carolina's own stadium? No way those poor dookies should have to subject themselves to that! Great logic, Tom.


UNC should have never announced that the students could get in free if ticket holders couldn't make it to the game. K wasn't gonna go into the Dean Dome under those conditions. He knows UNC doesn't have a true home team advantage as long as the blue hairs are eating up all the seats. Duke could have done as NC State has done in the past and come a day early if they really wanted to play the game. Now UNC is faced with playing 4 games in 6 days next week. The rat B has spoken.

On the outside looking in

The tarheel fan base appears to be as dumb as their student athletes. This situation just magnifies it.

Lance Thomas

How smart was it to plunk 30,000 down on 100,000 dollars worth of bling, you idiot.

tony clifton

UNC is playing for 5th or 6th in the conference. I'd want to cancel all the games I could. #irrelevent

That was stupid to tell kids to come out and possibly get free tickets, encouraged more people to get out in the weather. Nice job UNC...you are on a roll of doing dumb things the last few years.

Duke is gonna roll this team hard home and away.

How about that Pitt/Cuse game last night? That was some good ACC bball right there. Cuse, Duke, VA....that is where it is at.

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