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I bet centers around the league are breathing a sigh of relief he doesnt play QB.

Guido Viviani

I suspect you intended to say "preference".

However, with the gay player comes the side show.
He won't make it in the NFL. If for no other reason than his intentions with his announcement. My sexual persuasion has nothing to do with my talent UNLESS, I want special treatment. In which case, I have already demonstrated my priorities.


Top two commenters are ignorant and it shows. Maybe he came out bc he wants to goto a movie with his significant other and not have to worry about being seen out. Or maybe he wants to make others in the locker room aware to make them feel more comfortable. The reason we straight people dont have to announce it is bc it isn't an issue and is "normal". He is brave for what he did and i hope he proves each one of you ignorant aholes wrong


It will definitely affect his draft status.....

Marty Hurney

Rumors have it that he was an overrated third round prospect at best before the announcement. However, many GMs have said that 90% of the NFL knew he was gay before his announcement, so it will be interesting to see if this has any true impact.


Good luck to him he'll need it.

We are no better or different, than the Russians regarding the treatment of Homosexuals in our society.

At least they don't pretend to be tolerant.


I wonder what his celebration/dance will look like if he gets a sack..and will streamers be involved? Could be interesting.

tony clifton

not even sure why this is news. this will get tons of media hype and football fans could care less. will be as stupid as NBC talking about it during the olympics nonstop.....


Elephant in the room. Does he have his own locker room?

Big Rob

sexual preference shouldn't even be MENTIONED in the NFL. Kids look up to these guys…why are you talking about who he would rather sleep with?????


If it should be a non-issue, why are so many writers all around the country making an issue of it? Can you say two-faced?

Sports Contrarian

I found it sadly comical that two players in the Canadian Football League found it necessary to post defamatory comments on social media about Michael Sam. He is expected to be drafted by the NFL, the highest level of football. Nobody cares what two nobodies in the minor league CFL think about a prospect or his orientation.

The Kraken

Release the Kraken!!

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