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I have been to Ely, MN. At least as far out of the way. The end of the road. Honest, welcoming restaurants and bars Great fish and fishing. Really close to the historic America you see photos of but actually just settled in the 20th century. I met an older gentleman who had walked from Eveleth to Ely for his wedding in 1930.
"No Mining Clothes In the Washing Machines!"
About the same as Warroad.


you were in Grand Forks???!!! I live there. Military, not by choice. T.J. played for UND which is in Grand Forks. That is all we have here, the university and hockey, the AF base, and sugar beets. Oh yeah, and cold.


Sounds like the people who live in that area are solid good American folk. n-Ice article Tom, and great comments!

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