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He is killing a once proud program. He needs to go. Rose made a huge mistake giving him an extension following one decent season. IMO this program should be in the discussion for a NCAA Tournament bid every season.

Wallace S

I like Judy as a person, had many conversations with her, even dinner. But she's taken this program as far as she can take it.
It's time for a change in leadership in the athletic dept. I challenge you to go over there to the offices any day of the week. It's a ghost town. I have been there multiple times to drop of a check or gold rush donation and never found a soul to give it to.

They have had it too easy for too long, The Chancellor needs to make a change.

Rob Dibble

Thanks for putting this out there Tom. I know that our Niners aren't much of a basketball story these days with March Madness upon us. Sadly I fear we won't be for the near future with the leadership we have.


Its time to clean house in both the basketball program and athletic department. Basketball has been subpar for some time now and Judy lacks leadership to take our university to the next level.

Rick Foster

It is hilarious that Judy thinks the fans will allow her to keep quiet on the issue. Does she even remember how the football program was actually started? It is only a matter of time before the billboards start going up around town.


Great article!! The fan base deserves way much more from the AD and Coach Major. The game day experience is horrible and the fact that the AD feels as if she has no obligation is insulting, but typical. Ask her an interview about her efforts with football and you will get a book's worth of material.

Mark Colone

I don't understand the no comment to David. He covered the program all year. Someone has to be accountable, good or bad. It is a state University that is important to many in this region. Support for the program is dwindling. If she is that steadfast that Coach Major is doing the job he was hired to do, then tell us that and support him. I personally think he has fallen way short of the public relations aspect that is important to a school in a city of this size. But, tell us. Sing it. Preach it. I don't see it.


Bring back Bobby! Bring back Bobby!


She fired Lutz and then hired Major so of course she is going to offer the extension. It was a CYA move by Rose. But the problem wasnt Lutz then and its not Major now imo. It was Charlotte joining the A10 conference. Its lowered Charlottes profile and made it difficult to recruit. When conference teams began shuffling deck chairs, Rose's job was to find Charlotte a conference that would allow its programs to flourish.

tony clifton

i feel sorry for the 49ers, they deserve far better than rose.


Thank you Tom

-Tim Collie class of 95


Judy and Major make a combined $58,000 per month, comprised of mostly student fees! And neither want to speak to media?

If they were in NCAA, she would beg for press.


Yes, Thanks Tom for this. Awesome article and our AD AND coach should be accountable for this horrendus basketball play and the lack of just an NCAA tourney apperance in almost a decade? Unacceptable my friends, unacceptable! Like others have stated, we should be in the NCAA mix every single year, especially given the size of our school. If Davidson, UNC Asheville can do it, so can WE. Go Niners!


Duke's basketball program regressed as well, where is your call for the Rat's head?


Move all sports to American Athletic Conference once football is D-1!!

Niner Alum

Agree we need to assess the future of the entire athletic program and Charlotte should respond (outside of a defensive public Twitter reply). There is so much buzz now with football (as their should be, proud FSL holder) and a ranking soccer team producing MSL players. With that and the size, location, affordability and history of our school there is ZERO reason we should be okay with a mediocre at best basketball program that has been the athletic anchor for so long. Its a leadership issue and frankly may be bigger than just Major, however inclusive of him for sure. I'll agree with another commenter too that the athletic office is sadly JV...a couple quality people probably spread too thin but not run like a D-1 should-be-powerhouse. Fans are paying clients. Alums will contribute if they feel part of something special. Don't ever forget that. Cheeks in seats equal revenue and better recruiting.

tony clifton

How can the biggest school in one of the country's biggest cities, be so unknown???

Make a splash with a big hire or something.

Fire Rose to start......


next time my boss sets up a one on one meeting, i'll do a Judy. "No thanks, I have nothing to add to what I said a month ago."

and yes, such a job as AD at a state university is a job to where you have to answer to more than just the person directly above you in rank. Your job is to promote your university.

If Judy didnt want to make a comment at that time, just tell the writer when they can expect a statement or meeting.


I gave up my basketball season tix's four years ago. I give money to 49er Club to support the program and have several FSL's for football. Went to one basketball game this year and am very embarrassed of what I saw, felt and experienced. Winning will cure everything. There is no reason that Charlotte shouldn't be one of the top 3 team's in CUSA in b-ball (i'm somewhat bias). Men's b-ball needs a new leader; this one is not working.


The only coach since UNCC (that's where I went and the school wasn't called "Charlotte" in those days) entered Division I in 1970 that has a worse win loss record that Alan Major was Hal (Wisselball) Wissel. Even Mike Pratt who foillowed Lee Rose had a winning record with no previous head coaching experience. At least Wissel's poor record after three years got the school fired up and they went out an hired a car dealer to coach. And Jeff Mullins made the transition very well from car dealer to basketball coach.

I've been a fan since the team was NAIA and proacticed at Harrisburg Hgh School and Played their games at Newell Elementary School. Alas, we gave up our season tickets last year. C'mon Niner's! Get fired up and can Rose and Major and use that money for somebody who can produce wins. I'd much rather have Bobby Lutz than what we have now.

Alex Drake

THANK YOU, TOM! I'm a second-generation Niner who graduated from the school, worked for the athletic department part-time, sprung for season tickets I probably couldn't afford for seven years, and donated whatever I could spare to the 49er Club. I have NEVER been as angry as I am now about the state of the program and lack of a coherent vision or plan to make things better. The 49er Club employee who calls me asking for a donation this spring is going to get an earful.


I have been a die hard fan since I started school there in 1972. I appreciate how long and hard Judy has worked for the university and she deserves respect and admiration for that. If she loves UNCC like I think she does, she is already thinking about the skills her replacement will need and where such a person might be found. The men's bb team is better next year, by the way. She can retire on a high note. And should.


Love Charlotte and I am a season ticket holder to bball and football. I believe in Coach Major and Judy. There is no doubt conference realignment hurt our BBall program but all the changes left a lot of programs scrambling. I also believe that if we don't improve next year changes have to be made.


I am a 49er graduate and a former athlete in a non-revenue sport. The state of the program to me is at a all time low. The conference affiliation is unattractive to push our program so a new coach and AD are needed unless we are to regress further. Coach Lutz was 5 of 10 getting us the the NCAA's against much tougher competition. The grass in definitely not greener without him.


I think it may be time for a new AD AND new Men's BB coaching staff. The team had some talent, but no direction and no leadership from the coaching staff.
Of course, there are some of us who also think it's time for a change at The Observer Sports Dept.

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