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Birthday Boy

I have my fingers crossed that she has 'no comment' until after she cans Major and brings in a new HC. Probably wishful thinking... but, I'll try to be optimistic about something... because I'm definitely not optimistic about the state of our program.


True story- Called into wfnz today to discuss this. Screener says "UNCC is not in the sports conversation, wanna talk about Cam or NCAA." What more do you need Judy Rose is garbage?

Bill Crane

As an alumni from class of 1980, it is painfully obvious how far the program has fallen. It is as if mediocre is acceptable and even rewarded. Use to be we were always in the conversation as NCAA tournament hopefuls, Heck final four way back when we were just a small school. It is just very sad to see what has happened.

Sheryl S

Way to show the ladies that look up to you Judy how to run and hide.


I gave up on Mens Hoops when they moved to the A-10 and had no more marquee matchups. The new Conf-USA is worse - a league of who? And the team has basically been unwatchable. Davidson has outclassed the Niners.

I do enjoy womens hoops although this was a down year. And I'm glad Judy finally changed the V-Ball coach. I used to go to every game I could and they were so unwatchable the past few years..... Gotta hope they get straightened out, all of them.


Oh my!! I just read this. Been overseas for a few weeks. Tom is right on the money. I was a womens basketball player her in the 90s. Its sad to see our mens basketball fall from grace under this leadership. My husband and I cannot understand what happened to Niner basketball?


I think the coach should have 1 more year. They need to make the NCAA next year but it will be tough for a 1-2 bid conference. How come there is never any exciting recruiting news for the team?? Only dismissal news.


Great piece Tom. I hope judging by the response you are seeing that we as Niner Nation are just as disappointed as you are. Thank you for being a louder voice when ours is being ignored.

I never thought I would be wavering on financially supporting the athletic program. But I have come to the realization that supporting the program is only going reinforce the bad decision-making and it's pitiful state.

I love my girls and would do anything for them. Sometimes I have to say "NO" even when it kills me inside. They may not understand today, but they will one day. I still love them and they know that, and one day they will understand I said "NO" for their benefit. This is how I feel about the 49ers today. This may be too simple a logic to follow for something as complex as annual giving. I have to say "NO" this time, but do remember I still love you Niners.


The B-Ball program is a joke; they have the guts to complain about empty seats? You can count mine as one of those and do not expect me to renew. When UNCC gets serious about the program-then let me know. Until then do not call, do not send me mailers.

Countryboy JJ

Let's be HONEST

Who is going to come and PLAY Basketball in North Carolina, at Charlotte? Not when you have DUKE, Chapel Hill, Wake Forest, NC STATE, and a few others REALLY GOOD "ACC/Pro" schools...

J.Rose, is wise in keeping the COACH. It gives her TIME to find the right coach and the right fit, for UNCC...

The school, is NOT that great in Basketball, it has, it's good and bad years.

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