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What starts as a well purposed post, ends as more Tom padding his own ego and making it about him. And the sun will rise in the east tomorrow morning.

tony clifton

1 ACC team in sweet 16 ????

the great bball conference????

some of the other major conferences have 3 teams each, interesting.

tony clifton

I agree John, this article ended horribly...what is the deal Tom.

kenneth Irving

One subject at a time please!


tom you are right about Bobby luyz, he is a class act



Go back a couple of weeks and read the Observer's coverage of Carolina's last second win over State. Then read today's coverage of UNC/ Iowa State. The games ended exactly the same way, except Carolina won the State game. That shows you how slanted the CO is (it was a great victory, blah blah blah until somebody does it to the Heels, then it's different).

And compare the Heels coverage today to Dukes on Saturday (big headline that says ONE AND DONE). Your headline writer is a UNC grad, that's for sure.


Tom is once again trying to elevate his stature both as a writer and human. Little man's syndrome for sure. Hey Tom, if you hate your life and work so much, do us all a favor and leave. NOTHING you contribute will be missed.

RB Ron


Marty Hurney

Tom is so narcissistic.


I like Lutz and think Wake is a snoozer too. Hear me out... we've seen Maryland leave the ACC so what if Lutz became the new Charlotte AD, Wake drops out of the ACC, and Lutz moves Charlotte into an ACC home. Not that far-fetched imo.


I watched you go from a Steve Smith agnostic to a Steve Smith homer/conservative faster than your boss can sign your paycheck last week.
Note: you should back up when accepting said check this week.


Well, I declare. Bless your heart, we knew you were not a Duke fan. You just upset the majority of Charlotteans by saying you are not a hole fan. Are you even qualified to write about sports?

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