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Funny and original article as always!

Lloyd Bentsen

Tom, I know Dave Gettleman, I coached with Dave Gettleman, Dave was a friend of mine, and you sir are no Dave Gettleman


All good things must end.

Jerry Richardson

You are more like Marty Hurney, Gilligan

Panthers Waterboy

Tom, you are not Dave Gettleman. You are a joke.


Maybe you should have stood on a ladder so you could have been noticed...


The only question I would like to have answered is did the Observer make you take the column down or did you just chicken out on your own.
Ice up man, ice up.

James Reed

Tom have you been drinking on the job again?

Drama Queen 89

I don't understand why everyone is so damn sensitive when it comes to Steve Smith. What makes him think he is above being evaluated like everyone else on the team? Dave Gettleman's job is to put together a winning franchise not a family day care center. Loyalty got the Panthers no where for 18 years. We finally have a savior in Dave Gettleman to pull us out of years of mediocrity.


Ummmmm, deepewide? Hello?

The Observer didn't make Tom take the article down because it's still right there. Link: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2014/03/05/4744211/in-steve-smith-situation-panthers.html#.Uxj9-876PzU

Ice up, son.


Tom prefaced the whole piece as a hypothetical. It is the readers who obviously can't READ...


How dare you try and present an original, and amusing take on a player-personnel issue, Tom!

The hilarious part to me is that if you simply stated the facts, you would get ripped for not doing anything "informative" or "original". Keep up the good work. Those of us with some common sense and creativity thought it was a good article.


Openly insulting your readers now? That's really intelligent. When a professional writer says he's been misunderstood by the readers, it's his own fault for writing poorly.


Time for a Charlotte Hornets Muggsy Bogues article.



A lot of the commentators are either trolls or don't know anything about football. Don't worry about what they say. Even worse, don't respond to their comments and give them ammunition!

Shane P

I got it, Tom! Was it your best article? No. That's not to say it wasn't good, it was unique and I read all of it so it didn't suck! We the people just love 89 and Gettleman trampled all over that sentiment with his remarks so some people are bit salty right now!

I'm not mad at the GM but he did make his first glaring mistake by saying what he said when the best thing to say was nothing at all but lets get real here, does anyone really believe that JR would allow the new GM to just release Smitty? Never in a thousand lifetimes would he let that happen and if they trade him, they get a late rd pick at best in return and now the team is worse off than when it began because even if you believe 89 is only a #2 at this stage, he's still a better option than anybody on the roster, yes even the great Marvin McNutt, not to mention any FA player they might bring in.

So the best thing to do here is ask him to restructure then go out and DRAFT a TALENTED wr with your first pick, move up a little or a lot (Look at ATL, Julio Jones) but make sure you get a Sammy Watkins or a Kelvin Benjamin, a 6'5 monster with speed and great hands who could be here this year, being groomed by one of the best receivers who ever played the game, IF Gett is smart and plays his cards right.



Satire or not, the mock 'dialogue' was in poor taste. After covering the Panthers for so many years, you should have known the article was bound to elicit venomous responses. As a professional, you should be prepared for criticism and if your skin is so thin you can only apologize in condescension, you should retire.

Ron Zee

I'm a big fan of your writing, Tom. But the fake Dialogue article was not cool.


Should you have written it more slowly? No, just better.

Bull City Dog

May no sportswriter ever write something irreverent again!


r gragg

i am a big smith fan but I actually enjoyed the article. I think it was a pretty good fictional vision on the way you felt the meeting would go. it upset the masses because most panthers fans feel as if steve smith is above criticism , as if he is infallible like the pope. panthers fans have conditioned themselves into believing that he will be here when he is 117 years old and if you write anything to the contrary you are being anti-stevemitic, lol. I, like most fans hope that when steve leaves, he leaves gloriously and on his on terms, but gettleman has been hired to build a winning franchise, not appease our nostalgic fancies


As much as we love Smith he needs to go. We are with Smith where we were with Jake--waiting for the magic to come back. It does not.

We needed good receivers for years--we are going nowhere if we do not find them. We have other players in other positions being the go too guy.

Fans are fickle they love Smitty now cause we are not playing games. Let Smitty go.


Please hurry up and retire Tom. Wish we readers could release or trade you.

It's a shame you've gone from sports writer to attention hound.

I would like a refund of the time I wasted on your recent letters.

PS- long time reader, first time poster.


Tom, I thought the column was great.

The Stomper is a surly malcontent with anger management problems and his production certainly doesn't warrant his continued presence on our great football team.... Oops! We suck, have sucked for almost 2 decades, but he still needs to go...


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