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With the exception of Knoshawn Moreno's originality, the best and most original celebrations come from the big D linemen after they get a sack. Big boys got style.


Dunk? Dunk? I've only seen a few who actually dunked it. In a true dunk, the trajectory of the ball should be going DOWN. Most of what I've seen is a player straining to break free of the bonds of Earth...and then just mashing the ball against the crossbar as it flies on up at an angle.

Bill S

Tom Talks should be changed to Tom Typo. Don't you guys have to proof read any more?


Bill - It's a blog, not a column.


Bill S., Let's start with you. I believe it is spelled "proofread" ..all one word.

Jerry Woodrow

Here's an idea for a celebration.....hand the ball to the ref and go and congratulate your teammates for good blocks and then go and sit down.

George Sauer

How about just hand the ball to the ref and go to the sidelines, like the classy players of yesteryear, and stop all the showboating bullcrap completely. Act like a professional, not like somebody about to get thrown off The Gong Show.

George Sauer

@jerrywoodrow... I couldn't agree with you more!


Guys do the Deion high step into the end zone trying to get on Deion's segment of the top ten plays of the week. Deion has said that if you do the dance, your chances go way up.

tony clifton

How about you go and take the ball away from the guy that made the play and give it to a kid in the stands? Most selfish thing I've ever seen done....

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