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Listening to Duke fans complain about the officials is like listening to a fish complain about water. People have noted that Duke gets more calls than other teams even though Duke is physical on defense and chucks 3's with reckless abandon.

Duke has two tried-and-true tactics for getting fouls, both an insult to the game: Flopping and doing a leg-kick when shooting the ball. Thankfully the whistles have mostly wised up to the flopping. But they still fall victim for the leg-kick. JJ Redick loved to do the leg-kick and then fall faster to the ground than Greg Paulus did during a flop. Sulaimon tried the leg-kick near the end of the Duke/UVA game, the officials didn't call a foul, Sulaimon then said something and was hit with a T soon after that. If the player with the ball kicks another player, the defender should not get called for a foul for being in the way of a kick. It should be an offensive foul.

It is also not a coincidence that Duke usually, but not always, under-performs in the NCAAT with non-ACC officials who do not have to worry about Coach Cursing going at them. The hypocrisy of Duke is just one of the many reasons why most of the world, except New Jersey, hates Duke.


I've lived on the west coast, east coast, Minnesota and even (briefly, thankfully) in Texas.

In each location I met at least one basketball who referred to a "Duke Call". It was not a term meant to suggest Duke was ever victim and more often than not the beneficiary of questionable calls.

How is it that people from such diverse locations (with no ax to grind either way) all agree on one thing: Duke gets the calls.

Clint Shuford

Don't worry about it Tom. Krzyzewski is one of those arrogant people who are used to always being first in line. They just cant seem to figure it out when someone gets in front of them so they blame it on someone else.

And Duke is NOT a state school. Just walk through the parking lot and look at the license plates.

Go Cats!

Rat whining about calls?



So let me get this straight. Coach K complained about not getting media support (Which they don't from the observer at least) and Tom decides to get on the CO and once again NOT support Coach K. Ironic ain't it? I disagree with the idea that the media should complain about what appears to be a discrepency in officiating. However, the organization who organizes the sports be it MLB, NFL, NCAA etc... should openly and willingly review officiating on it's own and be open when they feel there is a problem and support the officials when there is not. Bringing it from behind closed doors will help to legitimize instances like Sunday where UVA missed more freethrows then Duke attempted.


Uhhhh, K did you not see the hose job the refs gave Clemson at the end of your game with them Friday night?

The refs were the reason Duke even made it to Saturday.

tony clifton

no one works the refs like K, hilarious.

really enjoyed this.


Coach K is a whinner as my UVA grad son would say. After talking with him about the game Sunday, he said he would whine about everything if he could. Glad to see UVA get some credit and playing good ball.

James Reed

K complaining about not getting calls is absolutely ludicrous. Almost as bad as Tom claiming the media will write about it when they see dishonest or incompetent officiating. When Duke or UNC get to foul at will on their home courts and get every decisive call in close games nary a peep is heard from the local media.

tony clifton

preach is James.

UNC won a championship with Hansbrough shooting free throws nonstop all game long. Most boring basketball I ever saw, was pathetic.


Duke is the only team I know that can fall on the floor with the ball slide 5 feet and not get called for travelling.


Simple fact is if the refs had called ALL the Dook games evenly, the Blue Devils would have at least five more losses. They had gifts in many games this season. They would have a losing record on the road and they wouldn't have sniffed a top five seed. Dook, what a disgrace to the ACC.


who can forget "The Flopper" Shane Battier who turned basketball into soccer with all the fake flopping and injuries. Can't stand stand them. The rat boy, the a$$ clown fans or the ugly cheerleaders.


No media protection? Dick Vitale lives in your basement for God sakes. Sorry your John Calipari rip off strategy of recruiting one and done players isn't working like you would like, but to say the stuff you do shows your true lack of character. You..are..a..whiner. You are either winning or whining. Now go separate Laettner and Davis and tell them to get a room.


I think Coach K is right Duke doesn't get the calls. Just like they didn't get called for the trip on the Clemson player at the end of the game, even though the refs just called the exact same foul against Clemson the play before. Duke didn't get called when Parker took a nice long stroll on one of his dunks against UVA on Sunday. Or the many times Duke hasn't got called for flopping, you would think someone just shot the Duke playes as quick as they fall to the floor. Or how about all the leg kicks on shots that draw a foul on the other team. Nope Duke never gets any calls. I think what Coach K meant to say that Duke never get's calls against them.

Greg S

When did K say "The refs were out to get Duke?"

You know how to get hits Tom, just bash K on a pro-Carolina paper and everyone comes flocking, blind-sidedly agreeing with every word you spew.

UVA beat Duke fair and square, and K knows that more than anyone.

But the whole notion that Duke gets ALL the calls is just asinine. Refs make mistakes, on both sides.


I guess the proofreader took the day off?? I can understand misspelling Krzyzewski, but perhaps you should be able to spell criticize and discrepancy before you write a blog post.


Clemson should be complaining not the F Bomb dropping Duke coach. I have seen him drop the bomb in games and the whole atmosphere changes. Ref's start calling the game tighter and duke starts winning. He has nothing to complain about. As stated above he often fails in the NCAA T due to the ref's at neutral sites not listening to him and his team going cold. Come on K UVA whooped ya'll

Marty Hurney

So many folks in these comments are either blind or stupid. Perhaps both.

At the end of the Clemson game, replay CLEARLY showed the player had the ball knocked away prior to any contact. Additionally, as he fell, he didn't contact either Duke player. That was a great call in a difficult situation.

I did have a problem with the free throw discrepancy in the UVA game; however. Virginia attempted more than 3x as many free throws as Duke, and they also play an aggressive style of defense. I counted one drive by Rodney Hood where he was contacted at least twice prior to releasing the ball and no foul was called. Furthermore, officials have never called a technical for throwing a marker towards your bench. Agree, Coach K shouldn't have done it, but it wasn't technical-worthy. Also, the team was assessed a technical on Sulaimon and the announcers never indicated why or showed a replay. Had all this happened against UVA, Coach K is right that media and fans would have been up in arms and said it was an inside job to assure Duke the ACCCG. But when they're on the receiving end of the short end of the stick, crickets.

With regards to the comments that officials gifted Duke other games, which one(s)? I remember Rodney Hood driving against Syracuse in the closing minutes, getting clobbered on his way to the rim and no foul called in the Carrier Dome. I also recall a Syracuse player committing a charge against a Duke player in the sequel and receiving the appropriate call. Replay confirmed and director of officiating confirmed afterwards.

See, that's what you guys don't get - any questionable call that ever benefits Duke is discussed ad nauseum, dissected and replayed with media "analysts" without any officiating experience lending their opinion. When the calls are against Duke, it's silence. It's difficult for me to criticize a coach who is trying to stand up for his team against such an obvious double-standard.

Also, Tom. It's KRZYZEWSKI. Dolt.


K just cannot handle losing gracefully, and he has to steal the media spotlight for himself rather than allowing the other team and coach to celebrate.

Compare K's whining, to, for example, Roy Williams's opening remarks when Austin Rivers hit the winning 3pt shot in 2012:

"There's no question, the first thing that you have to do is to congratulate Duke."

Did RW point out that Seth Curry took three steps before hitting the 3pt shot that sparked Duke's comeback? No.

Did RW point out that John Henson did not tip the 3pt shot by Ryan Kelly that the referees ruled did touch Henson? No.

Did RW point out that Tyler Zeller was shoved in the back on Duke's 3pt shot that Zeller accidentally tipped into the basket? No.

He simply congratulated Duke, Rivers, and Coach K.

And that is what a *real* "leader of men" does.


Greg s, dook has always gotten the benefit of the doubt from officials. Their whole defensive strategy is to hold the other teams guards, and push the other teams rebounder in the small of the back, and hack anyone brave enough to drive the lane.
It is ludicrous to suggest that dook isn't getting the calls. dooks strategy is that if you foul a lot the officials will only call a few of them and K will make sure to brow beat officials to the point they won't continue to call fouls. It has been K's "winning strategy" for decades.
dook also has a resident thug on the team whose only job is to rough up opposing guards. Hey it's effective, but shouldn't be if the officials do their job. That's what happened Sunday and K the jerk has the nerve to complain about officiating.
Roll me over in my grave.

chris wagner

He's no John R. Wooden. He has a foul mouth and perhaps his short term and his long term memory have failed him. Perhaps he needs to remember UNLV spanking the BD's by over 30 points - same team for UNLV came back following year - and oh, the ref's must have made a fortune on the game because DUKE won! What they won!!! Go figure.

Marvin Austin


Bryan Bunn

Hey RATBOY! You get more calls than Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, & LeBron James combined and always have. You threw a pen on your bench Sunday that could have hurt someone real bad. You deserved a T. You have deserved a T for 5 dang years. You use more foul language than any other coach in all of college sports and cry all the time and curse all the time if things don't go your way. It's about time that an ACC Game that you were involved in got officiated correctly. It sucks when you don't get the upper hand given to you, doesn't it? Your not such a great coach with a level playing field are ya??? Ha! By the way RATBOY, you and #14 were the only 2 people to get Technical Fouls in the entire ACC Tournament. Nice Sportsmanship!?!?!


Poor journalism yet again. If you listen to the full interview you'll quickly realize that Coach K wasn't complaining and you'll also hear him say UVA deserved to win.

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