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Why stay loyal to an organization that is not loyal to its employees or fans? That's all I have to say.

Rick Boggs

What a crock. Loyalty in sports is stupid, it is a business and the business is winning. Steve Smith has been here for over a decade and not ONCE have we had back to back winning seasons. Steve Smith would not have guaranteed one next season even if he had stayed. People get too emotional. It's something I agree with Gettleman on, take out the emotion. Any honest observer would tell you Steve's skills had fallen off the last few years so now he is gone, deal with it. It doesnt make Gettleman stupid or evil as many of you reject fans out there suggest, it means he's focused on the future, not the past.


Rick Boggs - thanks for your input! You seem like such a winner in life so your comments are definitely appreciated.


Rick Boggs tell us more, lets start with the cap situation and our current WRs.


From a purely pragmatic perspective, it doesn't make sense. WRs 2-4 (LaFell, Ginn, Hixon) are walking. Cutting Smith saves $2M in salary cap ($5MM guaranteed vs. $7MM on roster). You aren't finding a Steve Smith equivalent for $2MM on the market. Even if you wanted Nicks or Rice, they need someone to line up beside them other than Kealoah Pilares.

I just don't get it.

tony clifton

tom hates to see smith go cause it was the only player he was taller than.


I'm sick of people saying this has alot to do with emotion. It has absolutely nothing to due with emotion. We just wen't 12-4, and half the team is walking out the door, withing nothing coming in to sustain on our success. Something is not adding up here. We were on the brinks of something special and it looks like we are tanking next year for the #1 pick. Gettleman hasn't even kept the communication open. This is not good.

Steve Warren

I think Gettleman made a poor decision by not understanding the team intangible. The Panthers as a TEAM feed off the spirit and energy Smith generates. He has also created a huge PR problem for himself and the Panther organization. Many fans including my wife will not be back. He has taken a gamble in my opinion and we will soon so if it pays off. Otherwise, he will be persona non grata in Charlotte very soon and we can anticipate a major change in management.


For Gettleman, the honeymoon is over. If he doesn't win NOW, he's going to lose a portion of this fanbase. Many will say he doesn't care. For his sake, I hope that's true.


Interesting that no team was willing to trade a draft pick. Gettleman aint the only dummy.


I love Steve Smith. But people are acting like the Panthers murdered their mother.

It's sports. I'm sure Green Bay fans felt the same way when Brett Favre (who WAS Packers football) was let go. Jerry Rice left the 49ers. Petyon Manning is no longer with the Colts. Steve Smith is no longer with the Panthers. It happens. It sucks that he's our Ray Lewis and didn't get the send-off he deserves, but that *rarely* happens.

I am just as sad about it as anybody else, but let's stop acting like the Panthers organization no longer cares about winning or its fans. I daresay that Gettleman could only make this decision if they DID care about winning, because the PR nightmare wouldn't have been worth it otherwise.


Thank you to Tom Sorensen for recognizing that the release of Steve Smith is more than just business to the fans. I was one of those out there in the cold today with my 7-year-old even though, despite the sun, it really was freezing. #89 truly deserves better than the way he's been treated the past few weeks. After the career he's had with the Panthers and the loyalty and enthusiasm he's shown towards this team and his adopted city, I can honestly say that I'm ashamed of the Panthers management, but proud of the fans who have stood up to say they don't agree with this decision.


I would be willing to wager all of those that are complaining would also complain about the Panthers losing. I hate the fact that Smitty will not be playing as a Panther anymore, but I also understand the fact that status quo is not going to get the Panthers to the Super Bowl.


Further, let's not all forget 10 years ago, when so many fans wanted him *kicked off the team* because he would get in brutal fights with his own teammates.

Memory has a way of forgetting the good and the bad. 10 years from now, we'll all just remember #89 as the best Panther ever, and that's the way it should be.


"Many fans including my wife will not be back"

Cue the violin.

Don't come back. Please. And when Gettleman turns this team from a cap-stricken roller coaster franchise into a yearly contender, please remember your disdain for this team and continue your protest.

Smith himself put it perfectly: "This is a business". I'll miss Smith, but his age and his expensive salary, along with Hurney's stupid contracts, have put Gettleman in a bind. Granted, he could have spoken with Smith before he answered the media's questions about the team, but it is his first time dealing with cutting a headline player. Smith was the team's core, I get it. But I trust Gettleman is doing what is best for the franchise.

He will most likely come back and sign for a day to retire a Panther, so you people complaining that he should have retired a Panther, he will...when it's his time to hang up the cleats.


Jonathan, all those names you mentioned had guys behind them with a great future. The Colts were locked in to select Luck. Rice had Terrell Owens. Brett Favre had Aaron Rogers. We have Breton Biersen and Kehola Palaris?! The problem with this move is not the fact that he was let go, it's HOW he was let go with absolutely noone on this roster to pick up the production he is leaving behind.



I agree right now we looked screwed in the WR position. But we're favored (knock on wood) to get Hicks, we'll get a good WR since there is a ton of WR talent in this years draft, and there are a few gems that Gettleman will find (last year's example: Ginn, who may still return). We're down, but definitely not out.

Spellsy McSpelling



Ginn just signed with the Cardinals. ****!

Sam Vimes

@Jonathan at 04:06 PM:

Your comment, "it's sports" about sums it up for me. Favre, Manning, Rice, Smith: Just discard those that aren't needed any longer. That about covers it - which is why I'm pretty much at the point of being simply done with all the NFL - don't need it don't need the expense, not all that interested anymore. But will keep on pushing for them to lose their non-profit status. Plenty of other (productive) ways to spend my weekends and Monday nights.


When you go 12-4, it buys you some "winner" stock. Such is the story of Dave Gettleman in 2013. But fans have short memories and every September, a new season starts. If the Panthers don't meet or exceed the 12 wins last year, Gettleman's theory that Steve Smith was a locker room "distraction" will be disproved and the "winner" stock will drop like an airless football. Bottom line...IF Steve Smith was a distraction... he was for 13 years. The kind of distraction that made us love the guy. Smith was an all-out, leave everything on the field, super talented player and the absolute face of this franchise. Period. All I can say to Dave is Good Luck Buddy, you're gonna need it.

momo one

Sad day but it's just business. Steve Smith will be missed and he truly was the franchise's best player. period. The truth will set in next season. Who will step up and maintain the fire Smith brought to the team for so many years.?

To think that he was the only one to score a touchdown in the playoff game when everyone else looked lost and he wasn't even 100%. I hope the Panthers don't fall in mediocrity as was prevalent for so many years. We need players like Smith, not only for his abilities, but also his spirit to fight and win.

titts mcgee

I hope you dumbasses realize something. Jordan Gross retired. He was mentioned at the end of the season that he was leaning toward returning. He did not. Ted Ginn not only puts the WR corps in trouble, HE IS ONE OF THE BEST KRers IN THE NFL. Steve Smith was the only legitimate threat at WR. HE IS GONE. This all happened on David Gettleman's watch. I predict 5-11

titts mcgee

With all of that said, losing Jordan Gross means that if you don't get Hakeem Nicks in free agency, you have to draft a tackle. Think a #1 WR is going to be in the 2nd round of the draft?


I bet Smitty is in Carolina longer than DG.

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