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Mike W

Supposedly Steve Smith was a distraction to the team.

Dave Gettleman would FOREVER be labeled a hypocrite if this 12 year old school girl comes here. Not to mention he is worth nowhere near $10.5 million. Carolina doesn't have the money to keep this cancer happy. There's a reason Philly let him go.


Eagles cut him because he was making too much money and would not restructure his contract. Same for Steve Smith. I would sign Jackson to a two year deal worth eight million total (give him a three million dollar bonus and a salary of 2.5 million a year). Then the Panthers can draft an OT in the first round and a CB in the second. Then grab a WR in the third and a guard in the 4th and 5th rounds. Then grab Mike Capannaro (WR) sixth and a project RB in the seventh. Only issue is they won't draft by position - but best player on the draft board for some of the rounds so we shall see...

tony clifton

the guys a mental mess, he could wear #89


he's not getting 10.5 million for coming here and gettleman is labeled a hypocrite whether he signs jackson or not. signing jackson is a matter of winning football games in 2014 or not.

you can't draft 2 stud receivers AND 2 stud offensive lineman in the same draft plus fill all the other holes we have. this one is laid on the platter for him just like lotulelei's heart scare was last year. all dude has to do is negotiate. should have traded smith for jackson to begin with rather than just cut the guy (with jackson restructuring of course).

bell not being signed is kind of worrisome, as is the unresolved charles godfrey situation. lot a holes from what was a solid 12-4 team. jackson would solidify 1 huge hole.


"should have traded smith for jackson to begin with rather than just cut the guy (with jackson restructuring of course). "

They fielded offers for Smith before releasing him. Clearly no one wanted to trade for him, or the offers were so lame that releasing him and paying Smith was a better move.


O-dell! O-dell!! O-dell!!!

Dan Cleary

Rumored have him associated with some questionable chactors?????
I don't care for his attitude in Philly

BIG RISK!!!!!!



In my world the Panthers would sign Desean then draft Kelvin Benjamin from FSU, a 6'5" 240 lb monster with great hands giving them a dynamic #1 and 2 to go along with Cotchery possibly making them the best wr corp in the league their first year together!

Roger Goodell

Hey Dom! Try getting your facts straight before you post! Smith was not approached about restructuring his contract!!

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