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Sooo... If our record is worse and we're not in playoff I'd judge then. And on that... I'm all in.


I bet if you told most of the fans before last season that Carolina would win 12 games and the division they would call you a fool. This is all part of the bigger plan I believe: turn the corner on the old leadership and let the new blood take over. Cam and Luke are the new leaders of this team. Plus Gettleman has to get us out of salary cap purgatory with all the "that'a boy!" contracts that Hurney doled out to players.

He said it in the press conference at the end of the season that this team would be cap challenged until relief came in 2015. I am willing to give him his shot to build a winning franchise in Carolina, afterall he has been a part of 3 super bowl front offices in the past, and who knows the Smith cutting could be one of the boldest and best moves he will make as GM.




No he didn't sign a bunch of guys early, last year. We also had Gross, Smith and the rest of the starting WR corp in place. Now we need to replace Gross, just a starting ProBowl LT (no biggie), the entire WR corp, half of the starting (and best) part of secondary. And the hope so far is too kick Bell to LT (run Cam run) and resign LaFail, all while the rest of the division is getting better and better. Good Luck with that


I think the next week will dictate if we are screwed or not.
I think we can agree we need 3 starting WRs and we have none currently on the roster.
Best case scenario:
Nicks plus James Jones plus a #1 pick with Brandin Cooks or Odell Beckham (albeit rare that a rookie WR will contribute).
If Nicks and Jones do not sign with us, then where are you going to find decent WRs.
I don't have a clue to that answer.
Even with all that, we still need to replace a tackle, two safeties, cornerback just to get even with what had last year.
While others like the Broncos and Seahawks are improving, we are struggling just to maintain.


I appreciate Smitty's contributions over 11 years as much as any. But these jock sniffers (all over Facebook and on here) who won't follow the Panthers anymore because of his getting cut are fake fans. They can go follow whatever team Smith lands on. If we play them, I wish him well but hope we crush them. Seriously, people who follow teams just because of certain indivdual players have serious mental problems.


Gettelman was likely just the "executioner". The more I find out of this situaiton, the more it seems like he talked to coaches/players and got the sense that others were tired of his attitude and anger spats. His intensity was a positive during gametime, but probably very hard to deal with if you had to work with him. Interesting how coaches and current players still on the team have been very silent and not really saying much. If they felt this was a miscarriage of justice, don't you think they'd be expressing their outrage all over social media?

Jon in DC

DG has demonstrated that he was the right stuff to be an effective GM. He's an exceptional evaluater of talent, has good business sense and isn't emotionally tied to veterans.

It doesn't win you friends when you release someone like SuperSteve but we all know it would come. I only wish he would have told Steve before the press.
Now #89 has a vendetta against the Panthers. If he does get signed by the Ravens; he'l get a chance to do his 'blood & gut's' think sooner rather than later.


It was maybe a year early but inevitable. I might not like it, but am smart enough to understand it. The one I don't like and don't understand is Ginn. All the other FA's are getting over paid for being role players. As for Steve, I wore the #89 every game for the last 10 years minus 1. (last years finale in Atlanta, yes we were there watching them bring home the division title, I wore my new #1) My whole family wears #89 for every game. There are no bigger Smitty fans that us, but we are Panthers fans first. Go Panthers!!!

big stuff

Anyone remember that we had the #2 defense last year because of our front seven. Lafell was mediocre at best, Steve Smith showed his age (he was rarely open). Let's get a talented reciever via free agency, and solve the cap problem by overspending on questionable DB's.

Zaphod Beeblebrox

I understood what Gettleman did. I didn't fully agree because leadership is sometimes hard to find in a suitcase league. My problem from the beginning was how Gettleman handled it. Even if Smith was not his favorite player he should have demonstrated more respect to someone who had been with the team that long and gave as much as he did.

big stuff

Gettleman was simply non-commital when posed with a pointed question.

Jerry Richardson

What time is it?


Look at the WR stats for last season in the Not For Long League and you will see where Smitty stacked up. 32nd in Receptions, 39 in Yards and not even in any top 50 for the rest of the stats. Ginn had better League stats than Steve. Just Saying.


The offensive line is probably going to be scary bad. Unless there are a few linemen out there who have been terrible and no one else wants them, then we will get some 1 year veteran minimum contracts and hope they somehow mesh into a good line. A couple 2 or 3 WRs no one else wants and that will round out next season where the Panthers average about 9 points a game...and then we can all blame Cam for this failure.

big stuff

Everyone is forgetting that the recievers were NOT good last year.


The sky is falling.


If Jerry Richardson, Ron Rivera, Mike Shula, and Cam Newton all said that Carolina Panthers had to have Steve Smith, he would still be on the team. Gettleman was doing what the whole organization wanted to do, let Steve Smith go!!!!


Just had to say that, from reading all the panicky notes from people who have no clue what's going on. From what I can see:
1) Steve Smith was a great player. But he isn't any more. It's sad, but it's reality.
2) Steve Smith may be a vocal and intense performer, but a 'leader'???? NEVER! Never has been, never will be. A leader doesn't insult, scream at, and beat up his team-mates. A leader provides positive direction, encourages and helps. Smith never did any of that. He's always been a time-bomb waiting to go off, but he used to be worth that trade-off. He's not worth it any more.
3) What did people think was going to happen when the Panthers had 21 FA's? Of course they're losing a lot of people, and there are gaps to fill. But with the cap situation, the Panthers can't fill them by overpaying all the high-profile (read: over-hyped, overrated) FA's that go during the first week. They need to get value for their money, and that happens by astutely selecting the mid-range, under-the-radar guys who will give solid contributions.
4) Gettleman needs to take P.R. lessons.

Scott Bryan

The ground can't open up beneath Gettleman quickly enough.


how is that trust going now? Nicks bolted to Indy and we have no WR's to speak of. DG was banking on Nicks and he got robbed. You cannot count on week 2 FA service players to fill the #1 spot. Gettleman NUKED THE FRIDGE


Bless your heart Tom....geez


The real tragedy in all this is Tom's writing.


You serious? We just signed a SCRUB TE lol! Nicks just signed the Colts. Gettleman hasn't played any cards right....


Tom, I am hoping you don't write your own headlines - not only is 89's name mis-spelled (and surely he hasn't been gone long enough for you to forget how) but it says you trust Gettleman, which the rest of your article doesn't state. Advocating a "too early to panic, wait and see" approach is something I can understand, but trust? The man has had one good year. He obviously thought that same statistic was a fluke in Ginn and Mitchell, but not in Rivera. Time will tell whether it was a fluke for him as well, but it's a little soon for blind faith since he just cut the one receiver we actually had under contract in the same year we need to replace the O-line and half the secondary.

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