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You still trust him?? He's doing excellent so far! Ha!!!!


Bill Polian's first year was a good one, too. Look what happened after that.


The only thing this GM had to do was get better WR. He came in saying it was put up time for Cam, Cam came through. NOW IT IS TIME FOR THIS GM TO PUT UP OR LEAVE. THIS IS RIDICULOUS, HOW DO YOU LET SMITH GO AND HAVE NO WR LOCKED UP???? TERRIBLE JOB


I'm sure Gettleman got the pulse of the team and coaches about Smitty before acting.


Hakeem Nicks is not the only FA receiver out there. He only got a one year deal from Indianapolis, so obviously there are questions about his ability to stay healthy. He apparently wasn't interested in playing for the Panthers. I don't hear any Panthers complaining about Smith being cut. That is an interesting development. Gettlemen is stuck with a tough cap situation. Smith's loss of a step was clear this year. He is no longer a number one receiver. It is not time to panic. I am amazed by the contracts Mitchell and Munnerlyn were able to garner. There is no way the Panthers could pay the kind of money those guys received. I think they are getting overpaid but good for them in being able to command such contracts. Mitchell started for one year and he gets a five year 25 million dollar contract. Wow!


its obvious this gm is in over his head, for some reason he let the wr who wanted to be here leave, oh and btw, he is still getting $5m from the panthers even though he is not playing here. Decker, Tate...gone...i feel bad for Cam, he has no weapons AGAIN


How's that trust issue going now? I bet you wish you had held off another day before writing the story. Looks like Gettleman's put the "12 man on the trading block too". After the big debacle Jerry Richardson put the fans through a few years ago, one would think he learned his lesson.It looks like he forgot you don't trade players that are adopted by fans as the heart and soul of a team. These players inspire the "12th man,and really are the reason they come to or watch the game. The 12th man is key for any team. Gettleman and Richardson, have certainly put the 12th man up for free agency, shame on them. I don't trust a man, who cares nothing about the "heart of a team". How can any present or future player not jump at free agency, knowing that Gettleman and Richardson, don't care to see anyone retire as a Panther. It's all about "ka ching". There isn't a Panther fan that would have balked at paying Smith or Ginn. Now the decision to retain Hardy was "stupid", considering he only tacked on those stats the last few games. I don't see Hardy getting anywhere near those numbers next year.


they just should have extended smith for 2 more years for a 3 year 10m contract, I am sure he would have taken (bc he signed with the ravens for 11.5 and we could convert the salary for this year and next year to a signing bonus of around 8m ...reduce smitty's cap number for next year...THEN if you want to cut him ok...gee whiz.

Sports don

Considering he is going to now make over $10 million this year. I'm starting to think Steve orchestrated this whole thing. He came out way ahead on this one. Let's stop crying for poor Smitty. He played this out perfectly to get max dollars at the end of his career.


Mark it down: 2-14 and a top 3 pick in the 2015 draft

Our WR corps was terrible as a group and right now we have how many career receptions amongst the signed WRs? Then the top available WRs are off the market already? Lost our pro bowl LT and have at least two more holes on the line? To cap it all off, we don't pick until 28 this year? It's 2010 all over again boys and girls.

Atlanta Falcons (L)
New Orleans Saints (L)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (W)
Chicago Bears (L)
Detroit Lions (L)
Cleveland Browns (W)
Pittsburgh Steelers (L)
Seattle Seahawks (L)

Atlanta Falcons (L)
New Orleans Saints (L)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (L)
Green Bay Packers (L)
Minnesota Vikings (L)
Baltimore Ravens (L)
Cincinnati Bengals (L)
Philadelphia Eagles (L)


Oh really Tom. Who are our receivers now?


It's "won't talk about him," not "want talk about him."


It says a lot that Gettleman couldn't keep one of his ex-Giant WRs (Hixon) or sign the other (Nicks). Maybe he'll have the good sense to bring back Edwards.


people you all need to think how we won this year (with the best front 7 def. in the NFL ) that hasn't changed. We did not have a 1000 yard runner, or receiver, but we still have Cam. The wr's were makeshift except for a 34 yr old Smitty, which was double covered all of the time. we have already replaced 1 year wonder Mitchell, with long time veteran Roman Harper. No harm here, now I would address the wr spot with James Jones, and we just improved from a 35 year old 5'9 receiver to a 6'1 29 year old receiver. then address the other positions in the draft. hopefully we draft Benjamin from florida st.


I don't like how the whole thing went down with Smitty but.....

I think DG is VERY confident in his ability to evaluate talent which is something you like in a GM. He pretty much has to build around our core players with cap friendly 1-2 year deals in free agency. That's the salary cap hand he has been dealt right now.

But if he can find talent like he did last year in the draft? Were are all going to pleased with our team next year.

Dude is either supremely confident or just crazy! Personally, I kinda of like that in a GM.

Cyteria Knight

With how he treated Steve Smith aside (deplorable) I agree with you up to a point. Although last year no one could see the wisdom of Dave Gettleman's actions and it all worked better than expected. As a result of some of his 1-yr. free agent signings some of those players worked out well and priced us out of their services this year. They played well and deserved their big pay days. However, one big difference this year appears to be a lack of veteran presence and way more holes to fill with very little money. I'm sure that Dave has a plan but I can't help but think we will definitely take a step back as a team in 2014. And that's a shame because for the first time in a long time I had hope that the Panthers would be able to have back-to-back winning seasons. Dave may be great but I sincerely doubt that he is a magician. I GUESS WE'LL HAVE TO WAIT AND SEE!!!

Iwuza Fan

Let's take stock of where we are with Gettleman. The free agents listed as the most important to re-sign have bolted elsewhere. Then Smith is released. Players signed weren't that critical. Now Hicks goes elsewhere - would you sign with Carolina? The team has to have a proven receiver even if they draft one. Heck they need two. Let's see what Getleman does next week. He'll probably sign a receiver no one else wants like Nate Burleson or Santonio Holmes.


If Gettleman's poor performance with the Smith release were the whole story, it might not be worth following too long. But not only is Smith gone, but so are LaFell, Ginn, Edwards, and Hixon. Plus, Nicks turned Gettleman down.

So DG is batting ZERO so far in the WR area. There is not much to defend in that statistic.


Well Tom, I had trusted big Dave but thus far I'm not seeing a plan that would keep the faith. I can understand him not liking Steve's cocky 17 y/o's personality and the effect it was likely having on younger players, but releasing him without resigning Ginn and another veteran seems a dangerous leap into the dark with a landing on rocks to follow. I remember Steve had said he wanted to change to a slot receiver to stretch his career and the team should have jumped at that willingness while looking for a number one receiver. But diminishing skills combined with angry personality = bye bye. Is a younger, pleasanter leadership group worth this big risk? Time will tell, that is if there is another NFL season, all nasty world events considered.


Tom, Tim Breiding here, have know you for a long time. I agree. Let's not over react. Gettleman knows what he is doing. We have been handed a mess by Hurney and have to work our way out of it.

Love Smitty, poorly handled by Gettleman but had to happen.


You guys are seriously killing me with this "Fire Gettleman" crap or "he's handled things wrong" garbage. He's letting you all know that he's not going to make decisions the way YOU want him to. Go ahead, scream bloody murder that you don't like the way he handled it. Do you think he cares? No. Should he? Heck no. You guys are armchair QBs who play too much fantasy football. This is a business and he has to make BUSINESS DECISIONS. So everybody is worried about our WR corps. Why? Any new blood would be better than the productivity we had last year. The only solid receiver, statistically, that I wish we had back was Ginn, and that's because of his return abilities. He was a solid #3 WR, maybe low-end #2. Don't get me wrong, Cam had a lot to do with those statistical issues (because he tended to have balls sail on him when he didn't step into a throw), but Smitty and LaFell were not getting consistent separation either. If we get Cotchery today, he will immediately upgrade the offense because he's a big body and a red zone threat (10 TDs last year...how many did Smitty/LaFell have?). If Gettleman were to add Jones as well, not only did he replace the WRs from last year, he UPGRADED them. Put the stats for Smith/LaFell and Cotchery/Jones side-by-side and see how it compares. I have. No contest. Add in the fact that you KNOW the GM is going to pick up 1 or 2 WRs in the draft and now you have a potentially lethal WR corps. As for a LT, I can't imagine that the GM is not targeting a LT like Richardson, Kouandjio
or Moses in the draft. So rest easy Panther Nation. This GM is the real deal. Give him time to do his thing. Heck, we gave Hurney how many years??? Gotta be better than that...


I don't like how the release of Smitty was handled, But...

DG is VERY confident in his ability to evaluate talent both in FA and thru the draft. This is something you want in a GM right?

He pretty much has to sign 1-2 yr cap friendly deals due the cap hand he was dealt when he got here.

I think that if DG is able to sign a few FAs and has a draft like last year, then we will continue to be a playoff caliber football team.

I mean, dude is either supremely confident or just plain crazy! I kinda like that in a GM (unless we go 5-11 next year!).

(Sorry if this posts twice, I waited awhile and it never posted so I am trying again)


lol, hey ZB, hows that jones idea working out dude. this guy is terrible...as a gm your only real job is to recruit...and he cannot.

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