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liberal hippos as usual


Sterling is a liberal democrat like Sorensen and both voted for Obama. Go fig.

Anyone recall the fucking hell Sorensen gave George Shinn and called him a racist a million times forcing him to proclaim he was moving the Hornets to SC who were still "diverse" with the league then?

Ultimately due to to Sorensen we know Shinn took off to New Orleans and was still trashed for yrs and many believe helped remove him from the NBA as owner.

Sorehead needs that runt mother fucking ass kicked and Smith Smithed his upside his fucking old head.


shinn's grandfather was yiddish so what can you expect from a bigot?

cary girl

So Tom is anti Semitic like Hitler and Mussolini who shared a common thread of being catholic? Yikes ... His articles are in the N&O almost daily.


wow ... does fuehrer sorensen have heirloom nazi lamp shades in his home too? ...

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