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Scott Menzel

So let me get this straight...our federal government can now just seize and take a law abiding, tax-paying private citizens property rights because some people become offended?


If anything needs to go it is you and the liberal staff at the Observer. I ,personally am tired of you and your kind ruining this country. Leave our traditions alone.


>> The name is demeaning. It demeans history and tradition, and the values for which a people, and their ancestors, stand.

You are entitled to your opinion but please spare me the personal conclusions you have reached and writing like its gospel. I think your statements are more misguided than any Redskin name/logo but thats just my personal opinion and wont try to pass it off as anything else.

Bill Gregory

My brother died in Hurricane Katrina, so the hockey team has to change it's name. My sister is a dwarf, so the NY Giants better change their name. As a white person, Cracker Barrel offends me, change it. As a Christian, the Blue Devils of Duke are extremely offensive. As an Atheist, the New Orleans Saints make me very uncomfortable. As a black man, I don't like your name, Tom.


Hey Tom,

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch might be interested in syndicating your blog...


The land of the Offended

And yet you used the term multiple times in this article Tom. Must still be OK on some level for you. Wonder what word will become offensive next? Wonder what the grammar police go after next or what books we should start burning? Just wondering.


Redskin was a term for an Indian Scalp when the government would pay anyone and everyone to kill natives to make room for more European settlers. Most people don't know this and don't see the issue. As a native i will say it is a pretty messed up name. I understand team names meant to be fierce in some manner like the Vikings, so something like Braves is fine, but a Redskin? A murdered man, woman, or child's scalp? It's not being liberal, it's having morals. Even though I think us natives have bigger issues to fight for, it would be nice to not have our brink of extinction, our 400 years of genocide, not rubbed in our face, and told it's no big deal.

Bull City Dog

Scott Menzel, sure it sounds like that, if all you read is the headline and don't pay attention to anything in the law.

However, this is about a trademark. What is a patent? It's the ability to call on the full force of the federal government to retain the exclusive right to intellectual property. It's a claim on specific power of the federal government.

The law is clear -- you can't trademark something that is explicitly demeaning of a group of people. It's been that way for decades. I can't insult you and then put a trademark on it. It doesn't say you can't insult people, just that you can't expect any enforcement from the federal government to help you keep that.

If this is upheld, the Washington NFL team could continue calling themselves a racist epithet for as long as they want, but anyone could print "Redskins" merchandise and sell it. There are other ways the NFL team could try to shut those down, but trademark law is the simplest and easiest way.

The "Redskins" moniker doesn't deserve trademark protection under the law and shouldn't get it. The USPTO decided the same thing over a decade ago, and was only thrown out on a technicality.

So stop throwing around the "government taking private property" thing when it barely applies.


Get politicans out of the NFL and the media who feed them this PC garbage.

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And we're off...







marty hurney

Hey Tom - do you happen to know what "Oklahoma" means?

Maybe we'll change the name of an entire state next :).




Jesus doesn't exist. And you should do some research before posting.


Guess what. Now the johnnycomelatelys are all of a sudden demeaned and going after the Cleveland Indians and the mascot. Way to go Tom. Happy now!?


I insist that in the future you say "R" word instead of redneck, "C" word instead of cracker, "G" word instead of gun nut, "W" word instead of white trash, etc. The sensitivity police need to be more inclusive with their exclusions.

Bill Crane


You need to retire. I know you have been through cancer etc. But your opinion on Redskins is offensive and off base. I understand someone having an opinion that it could be offensive, however you are supposed to entertain us on the sports page with your knowledge about whatever game you are covering, yes your wit is always acceptable in reference to the game. If you want to work the Opinion Page then go there and sing your nonsense.


This political correctness has gotten out of hand. It's unreal. I just wish it would stop. Oh. Redskins? Please. I've come to really hate the word: offended. I'm offended. You're offended. Just stop.


Go see the movie America.....you will feel different about all minorities once you hear the facts.

The movie addresses the Indians and that whole misconception we wiped them out. The Spanish were here long before us and it was disease that killed so many of the native Indians. They fought each other and no dominant group emerged.

Is every high school, college and pro team that has any native American reference going to have to rename and find a new mascot, etc.? By the way, Florida State and the Seminole tribe get along great. Indians, Braves and Chiefs in trouble too?

I have been watching football for 60 years. Washington adores their football team. Lets live in the moment and look forward to the future and quit looking for reasons to cause more discord in our all too dysfunctional society.

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