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What??? almost twenty sentences and not a mention of the Panthers or Cammie Newton? Aren't you scared you will lose your buffet line pass? Jerry will not be happy with you, and you know as well as we do that he controls every story you write about his team.

I'm Buzzed after hours

Fantastic signing!
It's time to take risks and go after players that are not just going to be the next Billy Graham. Cho nd the Hornets did the right thing this time, improved the team, pleased their fans, and above all showed a commitment to winning today. This is going to be a fun time at the cable box...err, new bee hive.


"His antics during the NBA finals had nothing to do with being competitive."

Of course not. Lance Stephenson didn't play in the NBA finals.


how on earth did it not have anything to do with being competitive?

he was intentionally trying to agitate lebron. it didn't work. but how on earth was that not competitive?

hairston is way riskier than stephenson at this point and hairston wasn't starring in the eastern conference finals the last 2 seasons.

trade for kevin love needs to happen now. like you said, jefferson only has a few good years in him. he's also only under contract for 1. time to sell high on a guy that we can't win a ring with anyways. love is 4 or 5 years younger and better. maybe we only get a year out of him, maybe we convince him in that year to resign for the most possible money (carmello) and be the franchise guy that jefferson can't be.

we're one step away from completing the rebuild in masterful fashion.

El Kabong

Sure it's a gamble but it's a gamble that the Hornets (or any smaller market team) needed to make. Shorter contract limits the risk but also is a motivator for Lance to keep his nose clean in the next two years. But if he works out, Charlotte is a viable contender in the East.


Gamble? what is the gamble? The Hornets NEEDED to get closer to the cap so they had to spend some money and it is only two years then they can let him go if he doesn't work out. Keep Henderson and Neal. If Lance becomes and issue sit him at the end of the bench like they did Tyrus Thomas and Ben Gordan. I like the competition at shooting guard - perhaps Henderson will take this as a challenge to him and step his game up. He has great potential but is too reluctant to be demanding... I think Henderson is better than Stephenson - and hopefully he will now prove it.


Lance has poetential to be a star - so does Henderson. Gerald just needs some motivation - and now he has it. There is one thing Lance will bring and that is attitude. He will likely fire up not only Henderson but also MKG, Taylor and Neal. All four of those guys were put on notice they need to step up. Stephenson may just be the "pot stirer" the Hornets need to tick these guys off into excelling. sometimes competition is what you need to inspire someone to be great - don't give up on Henderson.


Expensive? No. Not at all.


LOL at the person insinuating that Henderson is better than Stephenson. I sincerely hope that was your attempt at comedy.

Buzzed after hours

Trade for Kevin Love? The Hornets?

Dude, what are you smoking?

The Hornets have NOTHING to offer (and don't even think a trade involving MKG will satisfy the T'Wolves). Please, don't even get me started in on trading Henderson, because he's not worth that much on the open market.
Go for it? No, that doesn't ever mean a championship here; it just means being competitive.
The Hornets are NEVER going to the NBA Finals, but they can at least get to the 2nd round and be exciting. As Pat Riley said "Get a grip."


Never? What an idiotic thing to say. We have the same chance any team does. We ahve an owner willing to spend to bring in talent, we have a great head coach, and the best GM in the game. This poster must have been another of the "I didn't want that arena!" kooks.


Hendo has no value on the open market. We were the ONLY team in the league who thought he was worth 5mil a season. The simple fact is, on any other NBA team, Hendo struggles to make the roster. He is HORRIBLE. He has no heart at all. He hasn't given effort in any of his many seasons here. What could make anyone think he has some magic tank he has not been able to tap into his first 6 years in the league?? Some people..



This signing is indeed gutsy and risky. The locker room is at risk until proven otherwise if we believe all the negative hype surrounding Lance. I read, however, a tweet from Roy Hibbert that he's going to miss the funniest guy in the locker room and wishes him all the best. That's a noteworthy tidbit to the contrary.

This entire off-season just went from an 'A' draft and a 'C+/B-' free agency to a solid A all the way around. Losing Josh McRoberts still hurts and will be felt at times throughout the year, but the loss should be overcome by Jan/Feb 2015.

The critics who demonized MJ and the 'Cats organization for a host of things, i.e. poor Public Relations, bad front office moves, lousy draft picks and an unwillingness to attract or sign highly talented free agents. Those days are over. There's nothing to complain about anymore.

The Hornets just dramatically upgraded their roster's talent and further deepened their depth with a fantastic mix of veterans, young bulls, high-level prospects and guys trending upward and we're still very young.

Cho and Company should be praised if not revered for their diligent work. Not landing Hayward may end up being addition by subtraction.

Whether or not Lance's signing finalizes the missing pieces to get the Hornets into the Top 3 in the conference (very possible) and/or a pass into the 2nd round is debatable. If this team stays healthy and gels as I think they will, we could very well be looking at a spot in the Eastern Conference Finals this upcoming season or next.

Let's wait and see, but it's hard to argue that we didn't just hit an off-season home run without wildly swinging for the fences.

Buzzed after hours

I wanted the arena, yo yo ma. In fact, I cheered when it was announced it was being built.
You're one of these homer simpson's who believes that your hometown team will someday be good enough to be in the NBA Finals. Yo yo, you have no idea what it takes and how hard it is to get to that point. Therefore, don't EVER expect the Hornets to get to that lofty of status. Be satisfied with 50+ wins, division titles and 2nd round appearances. Heck, maybe luck will be on the Hornets side and they could reach the Conference Finals, but don't bet on it. Keep things in perspective and you won't be disappointed later.
It's called reality. Ask around the Nation and you'll find that a majority of people don't even give the Hornets a chance at the playoffs next year. The Hornets should make the playoffs, but keep your feet on the ground. Chicago, Indiana, Miami, Cleveland, Toronto and Washington all have to be leapfrogged. Not saying winning in the 1st round can't happen, but c'mon now.
HOPE is another word for desperation.
Go Hornets!

mint street stand up

Love the signing. Hayward was a good player who couldnt elevate a sorry Utah team (so NOT worth a max deal) But BORN READY was the alpha male on a championship contender. when George had his baby momma drama and fell of it was BR who kept the team in it. then when IND wilted against ATL it was him who carried them to MIA and then manned up to LBJ... id rather have him pestering LBJ AND BACKING IT UP than not. Born Ready will be our tatto..you just feel tougher when you get one....and now we have one!!!!



I hear your message, however, I think your missing some key details about how we played against others in the EC:

1. We had TOR's # last year and beat them 3X. One of those was on a last second buzzer beater.

2. We were a win against BOS late in the year from beating out WAS for the 6th seed. We were virtually neck and neck last year and what have they done this off-season more so than we have to either keep up or create further distance?

CLE is a Wild Card in terms of placement. Everyone seems to annoint CHI to the top of the East and who knows were IND lands.

If everything falls into place, I see us grabbing no lower than the 4th seed with a home playoff advantage in the 1st round and we only have to look at last year's playoffs to see that had the 'Cats not played MIA in the 1st round, it was very likely they would've fought to 6 or 7 games and probably beaten either TOR or WAS and made it to the 2nd round.

Only time will tell, but this team has dramatically improved across the board and made the East that much more competitive with a ton of pieces moving around in and out of playoff spots throughout the year similar to what happened out West.


This team needed an "enforcer" and they got one.


Good signing by the Hornets at a good price. But can we stop pretending that Lance Stephenson's character issues are about a silly thing like blowing in LeBron's ear, please? The real character issues that anybody not picking up on a lazy/easy story line are about issues like Stephenson shoving his girlfriend down a flight of stairs and kicking her in the the head.


Take a look at the Indy paper. They are hating he left.. Love the move. Nice Michael.

Hornet Matt

Great. Great move. Team option is big part of it. One of the top free agents and only 23 years old. Riverboat Rich gets it done. Al last year. Lance this year. Attracting some great players and still have some nice young pieces. That home opener next year is going to be bonkers.


teaclown, some women have to learn the hard way


2 years at $9m per is not a gamble. It is a good contract for the Hornets. I was hesitant at the Hornets signing him because I thought they would overpay. They didn't. And why are all 3 of you writers acting like he murdered or raped someone? Or carries guns to bars like SJax does?

What I noticed about Lance in the playoffs was he was the only Pacer who gave it his all every game. This is a good get for the Hornets and believe me Lance is getting the message about his behavior = contract. He will be alright knowing what he needs to do over the next 3 years to change the minds of NBA GM's (and apparently sports writers).


Stephenson is going to have to be on his best behavior for the next 2 years. Every time he does something stupid, he knocks his value down.


PJ Hairston Trade him. . . Now!!!!!


Sounds like you lose again Sorensen. Great signing.

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