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Perhaps he is innocent and doesn't feel he needs to apologize. Must be nice to sit in your office and judge a situation you did not witness. A District Court conviction is easy. Let's see wha 12 jurors say then perhaps you should apologize.


If you say your innocent why would you say sorry? If the jury comes back with a not guilty verdict then maybe Tom you should apologize.


Once again the media trying to speak for the masses. Once again it's a huge miss. Hardy doesn't need to apologize and doesn't need to show contrition. Maybe the accuser needs to apologize since there are two sides to every story and then the truth.

Did he talk about football? That's what I want to hear Hardy talk about. football.


Hey Tom, its on appeal. You slow?


Tom I haven't seen you express much contrition when you have screwed up through the years. Hardy doesn't need to apologize to us if he hasn't did anything wrong. His teammates, coaches, and owner do deserve an apology for the distraction and I believe at the appropriate time he will do so if he hasn't done so already. Glass houses man...


Tom, you are wrong on this one. That Domestic Violence court is a sham. It is heavily weighted toward females and they are taking advantage of good men with the help of their lawyers every day. It is entirely possible she got those bruises by flailing herself at Hardy and his bodyguard. Please look into that court yang see for yourself. Ask any defense attorney. Hardy will be acquitted at his jury trial. This system is designed to take money from innocent men and it needs to stop.


Sorry for being a distraction to the team is contrition, if I understand the word.

What I don't like is the lack of respect shown to Hardy by the media. A Panthers rep clearly stated that he wouldn't answer questions about the legal proceedings, yet he was asked SIX times. And, you wonder why some guys don't like the media.


These comments calling out the writer amaze me. A large part of our population are clueless!


As I understand it, the US Constitution says a person is innocent until proven guilty. As I understand it, the case is on appeal and thus the entire legal proceedings have not yet played out and thus Greg Hardy has not yet been completely proven guilty.

Furthermore, if Greg Hardy said anything about the case don't you know the prosecution will use that against him. Greg Hardy's lawyers told him to be Johnny Tightlips. If Hardy said "I'm sorry for what I did" then the prosecution will say "See! He admitted it." One of our most important rights is the 5th Amendment.

I don't know if Greg Hardy is innocent or guilty. I'm waiting for the court proceedings to play out.

Toms Vagina

Sorenstam only knows "Rasslin". I quit having any respect for him years ago. His stories are meaningless. He still wants "The rich white Duke Lacrosse guys" to apologize.

Bull City Dog

"As I understand it, the case is on appeal and thus the entire legal proceedings have not yet played out and thus Greg Hardy has not yet been completely proven guilty."

It's not 100% cut and dried, but generally speaking Hardy is considered convicted and thus "proven guilty" at this point. That could be overturned by an appellate court, but at this point it's safe to say the presumption is that he's guilty.

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