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Rolled the dice on him clearing waivers and got burned on this one. I think Gaffney has much more long term value than Fozzy Whitaker has in short term value, but what do I know. Whitaker will not even make the team anyway. Horrible, horrible move on this one.


Totally agree that waiving Gaffney this early was a bad move for the Panthers, despite the lack of RB depth. I understand that this is going to be a year where we are paying a ton of "dead money," but don't throw away a future RB....just to get another guy in camp. This guy could be a beast and you didn't wait....why???


I have some unexpected off time coming up so I did want to check out Spartanburg and see the guys in practice since I am going to be off work. Where do you go to view practice and what do you need to do to clear security and all that?


Barner looks to be in over his head...We should of somehow kept Ginn cause I do not see his replacement yet....O-line where is the run blocking our first team D got it handed to them other than the goal line stop...Anyone agree????

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