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Richard Cranium

Darwin: 1
Kevin Ward, Jr: 0


If anyone sees Richard Cranium or a member of his family crossing the road, make sure to gun the throttle and see if he changes his tune.

Richard Cranium

YeahRight - It appears as if your one of those creationists...Sorry if I offended your fantasy.


Someone is dead. Have a little respect. Sorry if I offended an idiot.

Richard Cranium

The idiot did it to himself, moron.

Daily Llama

Seems to me I've seen Tony Stewart jump onto the racing surface several times to "call out" other drivers who (he felt) offended him. He even threw a helmet or two in the process! No one even came close to him with their cars ....

Saturday night, someone justifiably "called out" a reckless (AGAIN?!?!?!?) Tony Stewart ... and he didn't like it!!!

After all, *HE* was the celebrity driver at po-dunk Canandaigua, NY's dirt track and he could shove other drivers into fences if he damned well felt like it!!!! How dare some snot-nosed 20 year-old punk insult the King of Eldora?

So, when the finger was pointed at him and the "W.T.F. were you thinking?" gestures triggered "Smoke's" temper, he swung out a little wider than the car ahead of him - who missed Mr. Ward easily - hit the gas pedal - you can hear the engine RPMs jump on the audio-video! - spun the tires, kicked out the rear of his #14 sprint car a tad bit - in a "take THAT!" response .... and ran Kevin Ward, Jr. down with his right rear tire - accidentally (on purpose) .... killing him.

Quite a "take THAT!" response indeed.

Mr. and Mrs. Ward, "take that" casket holding the fine young son of yours that Tony Stewart killed and bury him ...........


Yes, the kid made a mistake. Does that make it ok for you to make light of his death? Once again, I apologize Richard Cranium that I am soaking up all of the sunshine and water up here on the higher branches of the evolutionary tree, depriving you of the oxygen and nutrients you need to live a thriving life on the limbs down below. There's your Darwinism at work. Keep making fun of the misfortune of others if that makes your life that much more livable. Keep it classy brother.


Even greater than the tragedy that happened last night is the response of the Charlotte Observer.

There is no evidence whatsoever that there was any malicious intent by Stewart, yet the Observer uses innuendo and inference to score hits at the expense of both parties. I am ashamed of you CO!

If you want to actually do something useful, call upon NASCAR to put an end to the dangerous practice of drivers leaving the cars to call out their rivals on the track while cars are still traveling around the track under caution.

This is NOT a safe practice under any conditions and the young drivers are influenced by the actions of the veterans. It has to end now! This is not Stewart's fault, it's the fault of a culture that endorsed these unsafe actions. The major media, including the CO have used these actions to sell papers and they are equally responsible.


Daily Llama,
Your comment is reprehensible, and filled with hatred. Seek help before it's too late.


Richard Cranium and You're Right... you are BOTH wrong. Why don't you both just shut up?

Neither of you are showing any compassion, which is really the only way to respond to something like this.

Why don't you both, along with Tom, look up compassion in a dictionary and give it a try? You might all be the better because of it!


Daily Llama,

You just made an allegation that could get you sued... and one which you could very likely be unable to defend in court. Your financial future may very well rest upon whether or not Tony Stewart wishes to sue you!


Daily Llama, to make it clear, you accused Stewart of committing murder. I suggest you stop and think that all the way through.

willy loman

Thomas, did you really feel it necessary to write a piece in order to explain things to us? Really? Anyone with a pulse (that is not affiliated with, or lives and dies with the pro wrestling-theater of nascar) knows it's not "business as usual," and that Tony shouldn't race the next day....or week.

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