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This is harsh but as a woman, the Panthers are doing the right thing. Mr. Hardy was the one who initially called the police and I truly feel that there are 3 people who know what happened. Greg, the young lady and his agent. Sure he most likely ran his mouth and said things he regrets saying but he did raise the self defense claim initially and had his agent try to calm her down and back off. Most abusive men, I would think do it in privacy not in front of her friend and his agent. There is a lot we don't know. I am not defending his actions but I get it if he was pushing her away when she is throwing stiletto's at him and beating him up.



That editorial yesterday is an example of the type of unfair, slanted, dishonest and hypocritical nonsense that led me to cancel my Observer subscription years ago.

I've heard a number of lawyers comment on the situation and all have pointed out that as an elected official, District Court judges typically issue a "guilty" verdict in cases like this so they don't have to take the heat for looking soft on Domestic Violence and leave it to the following jury trial to give the "real" verdict. So, given that situation, the way the Panthers are handling this case is exactly right.

In addition, to all the media folks and the women's advocates, UNLESS and UNTIL you are equally hard on the Prosecutor and Judge in the Ray Rice case, your criticism of the NFL is misplaced. The Ray Rice case should've never reached the commissioner's desk, he should've been in jail.

RB Ron

Hey Jerry, it's time to release the Kraken! Cut Hardy! No room for convicted domestic abusers in your organization.


RB Ron, he's not finally convicted until after the jury trial. Keep your day job because you'd make a lousy lawyer.

Ford t

Tom... No worries, no need to rush to judgement on Hardy... He's a "dead man walking" it will just put off his time in jail. In fact he'll now get a much worse sentence for trying to appeal. Ford Thompson


This whole issue is getting COMPLETELY out of hand. Holy crap!!! This is the kind of sensationalism that brings out the hypocrisy in everybody...including YOU, Tom!!!! Did something bad happen. Yes. Were ANY of you there? NO!!! Let the court system play out before you all judge him. How in the crap does any of this reflect poorly on Jerry Richardson? Because he's allowing due process happen?! The media is responsible for the sensationalism following Tim Tebow, Michael Sam and, now, Roger Goodell.
People can have their own opinions about said individuals but here are the FACTS: Tony Romo (1-3 in playoffs) gets 7 yr contract worth $120 mil, Dalton (0-3 in playoffs) gets 6 yr worth $115 mil...and the list goes on and on for over-valued QBs, but would you believe that the much maligned Tebow currently ranks eighth among quarterbacks in the 16-team AFC in career win-loss percentage as a starter? Oh and he's 1-1 in the playoffs. He's out of the league because of sensationalistic journalism JUST LIKE THIS!!!! The same applies to Michael Sam. Most people courld care less what his sexuality is as long as he keeps it to himself. You, the media, make him the story. He was a good player in college. He had a pretty decent camp by most accounts, but when you are playing a position that is as deep as the Rams are in that same position, you have to stand out to earn that roster spot. If it weren't for the media following his every move, he probably would have gotten picked up for another team's practice squad a lot sooner than he did. Now, you're also gunning for Goodell's job. Has the guy made mistakes? Sure. But the fact that everyone is over-reacting to this Ray Rice issue is once again ridiculous. He admitted he didn't handle it right, changed the policy and when the video came out, he then suspended him indefinitely. Jesus, everyone is making him out to be the DEVIL!!! Do all of you realize that Ray Rice was not convicted on anything?! That's not to say he couldn't have been, but ONLY for 3rd degree assault thanks to the state laws in NJ. Am I defending his actions? No. Do I think he should be suspended from the league? No. Two games wasn't sufficient either, but that was in accordance with league policy at that time...and then the commish changed it.
You people aren't accountable to anybody and that smugness must feel nice, but people are talking and are tired of hearing nothing but crap reporting from journalists. I won't even touch other media outlets like ESPN, but people are growing tired of it. Emotional topics are NO excuse for irresponsible journalism and pushing an agenda.

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