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This totally stinks...that girl is a drug doing, money chasing liar and this is so wrong


Think Duke Lacrosse team. Hate rush to judgements….need to end the lynch mob mentality of the media and let the legal process play out. Hope Hardy sues when/if he is found innocent. how many other jobs would you lose for a misdemeanor (as bad as domestic violence it should be a felony).


Convicted by a judge not a jury. He should have his day in court before he is punished.


Agree on all comments. Jury before judge is wrong


Hardy lied during the trial about the cut on his face. Why would an innocent person lie.

Anyway, I think he will be found not guilty during the jury trial not because he is but because he has the financial resources to drag the proceedings out and wear down the jury. All his lawyers have to do is introduce doubt in the jury and he is free and clear. Just ask O.J Simpson.


If you have the resources, you can definitely "play" this judicial system... as stated above. But OJ did finally let his arrogance trip him up.


This is Mr Richardson's team - his business - and it is his prerogative to suspend or fire an employee who is charged with a crime if he believes that the publicity reflects poorly on his business. However, the timing stinks, and makes it appear that he caved in to the media, most especially The Charlotte Observer editorial page. The U.S. Constitution guarantees a jury trial to every person charged with a crime, a fact that The Observer seems to think is irrelevant in Greg Hardy's case. Very hypocritical!


One would think the Charlotte Observer would try to help the city and the team and not pile on like other media. It is Jerry's team and like he said "do not be so fast to judge". That includes his actions and the timing of the decision. Jerry is a man that wants to do what is right, do the best for the team, best for the city, and is a man of honor that we should respect.

Disgusted American Patriot

The Charlotte Observer editoral staff are Liberals working for a Liberal newspaper,so it's not suprising that they would take this type of action.


None of us know what happened with Hardy so why speculate.

Speak about something you see with your own eyes and one thing is why did they not take Cam out of the game this season since he had no practice due to his surgery then hurt ribs instead they keep him in the game to make one mistake after another and send us into a losing season. Real smart!!!

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