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Steve Turner

This Democrat has the utmost respect for the American flag and the principles it represents. Of all the top suggestions you offered to share, I'm deeply disappointed that you chose to select the one that manages to insult half of the voting public -- and probably more than half at this point.

Dave Metzl

Late caption: These will keep the homeless warm while they wait for the light rail.


Steve, don't tak the winning caption so personally. Geez. So it slams us Democrats, we can take it. However, I thought it was pretty lame compared with some of the others. I would suggest a small rewrite for the perfect caption: "I'm covering up a Seahawks jersey. What are you covering up?"

Steven Porter

I find your choice of a caption for this cartoon to be insulting and completely without merit! I understand political satire and I appreciate a good cartoon even when we Democrats are the target but this caption is just a lie, mean-spirited and stupid! But of course this is right in line with the Glenn McCoy "Propaganda Panel" you now run. When will I see a "cartoon" calling all Republicans liars, thieves and bigots?? You would not dare upset the Right-Wing nut cases that constantly attack you to keep you in your place. The Observer does that very well.

John Sheppard

There was a documentary on John Adams on PBS a few days ago that showed our Second President asking Thomas Jefferson, the founder of the Democratic Party to show a United Front against France in the undeclared Naval War with Napoleon known as the XYZ affair. Seeing that his refusal would cause political damage to Adams and his Federalists favorable to the Democratic-Republican party(today's Democrats), Jefferson refused to help end the War. Nothin has changed in 200 years. The Democrats put Party ahead of Country.

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