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Rick Sanford

"Mr. Mitflump? Oh, he's the guy that thought NASCAR should do special advertising to bring in more women fans. I personally would buy tickets to the E.P.T 600 in the Massengill section of the Atlanta Motor Speedway!"

Rick Sanford

Mr. Mitflump? Oh, he's the special moves trainer for Carl Edwards and Tony Stewart. I think he needs to find Tony a easier move than climbing the fence, though!"

peter young

now that i understand your judges type of humor (banal and a non-sense of such) i shall not consider any further entries into your caption contest. if you can improve the results more to our liking (yes, there are more of us out there) please do so. however as long as you own the mike.....

Dennis Mize

I knew you wouldn’t publish my caption; you were too scared to do it. The ones you chose were juvenile and stupid. You couldn’t print a real mans caption.
"Hey! That's Irving Mitflump; He's the director of that new movie." "Switch Back Mountain," "About two.............., Race Car Drivers."
You might as well call it close caption………….!


I submitted my caption...

" It says here that Irving was implentational in having urinal cakes put into the urinal troughs in the men's room at the NASCAR Hall of Fame."

That's sarcasm at it's best

Your caption winner's were weak...very weak


The winner's caption was so lame, my four year old could think of something funnier than that

Kevin Siers

Joe-Bob, our caption contest is open to all. I look forward to submissions from your four-year-old. As for the rest of you, I thank you for entering, am sorry for your disappointment, and can only encourage you to try your hand again. I said at the outset of this contest that the judges' selections may look misguided to some. It goes without saying that everyone's sense of humor is different. And the "honorable mention" sampling of captions at the end of the post is just that, a sampling of the many good captions we've received, and many worthy ones don't get reprinted here. Better luck next time.

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