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That caption doesn't even make any sense. How could that be the winner?


Well, you need to be old enough to know that Slim Pickens -- one of the great character actors of all time -- rode an atomic bomb falling over Russia at the end of 'Dr. Strangelove' -- one of the greatest films of all time. Kevin must be pretty old, I guess.


Regardless of being right, the caption still doesn't make sense. I'll give the authoer props for the movie allusion, but the grammar and deliver needs work.


If you go to Blockbuster, rent "Dr Strange" and watch it, you'll get it better. I'm in my early 40s and think it was a pretty good pick.

Gayle Dobson

Sorry, I don't like the comment about landing on WBT studios. WBT sponsered the fireworks in Charlotte for many years. How about a little thankfulness?


DRob~Looks like the *author* of this caption is not the only one who needs help with his *delivery*.

Fred T

The winning caption wasn't funny, or even clever, but I guess The Observer just couldn't pass up a dig at WBT.

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