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Kenneth Irving

Kevin, obviously you're the award winning cartoonist so I have to assume that you know what's funny. I have to admit that sometimes I just don't get it. I have to wonder if political correctness or political preference doesn't sometimes enter the equation. I would really like to know whether my reference to Hillary Clinton as a holy terror was out of bounds or simply not funny. Please let me know so I can continue to participate in this contest. It's a lot more fun when you're sure of the rules.


I notice the only captions you posted are negative toward Clinton, we know where your misguided sentiments lie.

Kevin Siers

We at the Observer Cartoon Caption Contest try, and sometimes fail, but at least we try, and no one tries any harder than us, to provide equal opportunities for satire. And satire is usually at someone's expense. The selection of captions posted above is a pretty good sample of what we received this week -- if there was a pro-Clinton one among them, I can't remember it off the top of my head. A number of them seem to be anti-Fox News, which is balance of a sort, if not exactly the same thing as being pro-Clinton.

As to Mr. Irving's concerns, I don't consider an anti-Hillary caption or cartoon off-limits -- I've done many of them myself. I also can't claim to know "what's funny", I can only claim to know what's funny to me at a given time. So that means there's a third possibility why your caption wasn't included above (for the record, it was, "I can handle you. After all, I've lived with a holy terror for 30 years!"). That is, while wading through all the submissions we received this week, perhaps I didn't give it the consideration it was due. I still stand by our choice of winner, but yours was definitely a clever play on words. You know, though, if you won EVERY week, we wouldn't continue to get everyone ELSE to participate in this contest. I hope this answers your concerns, and I look forward to future submissions from the both of you.

John Harder

What, did I miss the deadline?

Thanks Kevin,


"So, if I DON'T find you, I'm looking at seven levels, times HOW many virgins?"

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