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Brian Huffstetler

"We three Sheiks in our new HumVee, Take the Yankees' dollars with glee. Ford and Caddy, Who's your Daddy? Fill-up those SUV's!"

...You're kidding right? Definately the worst one of the entries from what I see and way too wordy. Captions should be short and pack humor punch, this has neither.

The winner should have been: ""We're in luck. There's the Texaco star."

Just my opinion, Thanks.

Randy Thomas

I don't remember ever hearing that editorial cartoon captions had to be short and punchy. This one seems to catch the spirit of the moment with a good deal of wit. Besides, how seriously can we take a criticism from someone who can't even spell "definitely".


The first of Mr. Siers's guidelines says: "The most important thing -- and the toughest -- is to keep it short! Cartoon humor relies on providing the most punch in the quickest way possible."

I agree with Brian Huffstetler. It was too long and there were better submissions.

Hopefully, I didn't have any spelling errors !

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