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Mr. Ed


Anne W. Warner

Gotta say I think you missed it this week! The comment "Jeff ain't so bad once you get to know him!" cracked me up because my son, who is a fervent Dale fan, hates Jeff and this new pairing of these polar opposites irritated him, to say the least!


Not being much of a fan of racing, I can see why the winner was picked. It's very similar to the "leash" cartoon a couple of weeks back. The caption says something that may have really been said, and the picture suggests something totally different....but yet it works!!! Some people make this look too easy !!!

Randy Thomas

This week's caption is a perfect example of why I enjoy this contest. Sometimes I feel as though I have to pull a lobe to come up with anything, and other times it's a slam dunk. Darth Vader, Jeff Gordon, and Teresa? It doesn't get any better than that. Bravo to all the winners.

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