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Jim Wellington

Well, I never liked John Edwards, but this is the first time I feel sorry for him. With his famous hair shaved off, Mr. Siers makes him look like Ross Perot. Replace his fancy suit and tie with overalls, take the Gucci wingtips off his feet and he would be a genuine hick!


Beauty (or lack thereof) is in the eye of the beholder. If there hadn't been a name tag, I would have thought the Edwards character was Gilbert Gottfried. Not that it's important, but I was part of a focus group back when Edwards was a Senator. I think the waters were being tested for his Presidential bid. The group of all ladies was equally divided party-wise. Many of them found his "good looks" a reason to consider him as a viable candidate. Sad and scary!!!

Steve Davies

This is rigged!

How could my, "Well, I got Kevin Siers vote." not win?

Kenneth Irving

Yeah, Steve, this contest is rgged. It's one big conspiracy and Kevin Seirs is out to get you. lol The truth is your caption didn't deserve to win however I would have expected to see it somewhere in the runner ups. I started entering captions in this column about one and a half years ago and I wrote a caption which I thought was great. I said pretty much the same thing that you said (I was robbed). I got over it and now I have lots of fun reading all of the captions, not just mine. I hope you'll continue to play because it's obvious that you have a good imagination and a great sense of humor. I believe that "clever" is in the eyes and ears of the beholder. I guess the judges beheld a little less humor in your line than you did this week. Hope to see your name posted in newsprint soon. Good Luck Ken Irving

Kevin Siers

It ain't so much that the contest is rigged -- I'm just shy! I did get a kick out of your entry, Steve.

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