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C Thompson

I don't think the winning caption reflects the surprise in Mr. Clinton's face.

The closest I think was: "My candidacy has given Bill a new leash on life!", but it still doesn't quite meet the expression on his face.

My two cents.



you pick the lamest captions.


I agree with C Thompson, although, I would have picked "circulation" or "heel". I love the play on words in both of them. The idea that she is subtly needling him, and he is reacting to it in such an uncomfortable manner, with his eyes going DOINK, really tickles me. Looking forward to the next one.
My two cents...now we have four !!

Kevin Siers

I was tickled by all the captions listed here. I'm not sure how some folks define 'lame'. I'll agree that Mr. Luke's caption wasn't the meanest, harshest, the most risque or the most popular (most popular was "I'm getting him neutered", sent in by many, many folks). But rather than being heavy-handed, it had a nice ironical touch. "He's my best friend" actually sounds like something Hillary might say -- maybe she has said it on the campaign trail. But the contrast here between what she says and what she means was too delightful not to be the winner. Mr. Luke is thinking like an editorial cartoonist -- God help him. Thank you for all your entries, and good luck with this week's contest!

Kenneth Irving

If I ever win again, please contact me at this new email address. Btw, the first runner up, regarding the strap, was my favorite. He was her meal ticket back in the Arkansas days.


Thanks for the input Kevin Siers. Based on that, and something Hillary said during the recent debate, here's one more for the road!

"Have you met my dear husband?"

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