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It should of read...."...and you didn't know my father raised me as a Muslim..."


I like the winner, although I am still trying to figure out the purpose of the book, and why he is pointing to it. Oh well ! Hooray for the Lady Caption Writers !! Looking forward to the new challenge !!

I guess the person who is in charge of the 'POOF' button is away from his/her desk !!!!

Ross Levin

LT, I agree with puzzlement over the book?!?
I took it as a reference from Obama's wife to him being a "Harry Potter parent" so my entries were probably way off. I'll keep trying!


I'm sure we'll see your captions here again, Ross Levin !!! The new one out today is a hoot !!!

FYI...The 'POOF' comment above was meant as a remark about the 'not so nice' comment a poster had left, and has (thankfully) been removed. Even though it could work as a caption, that was not it's original purpose. Think of it as The Accidental Caption !!!

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