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Joy Motte

Funny, I was thinking about something on the same line. After all, Murdock ate all the newspapers because he got hungry.


I didn't submit this one but thought of it as well. "All the news that's fit to print!" or Murdoch's version of "all the news that's fit to print". Still better than most of the other entries.


I also thought of a couple of the ones here, but didn't submit them because they seemed too obvious. Given the choices, though, I would have picked "News Corpse". Love that !!! Looking forward to the next one, and glad my Monday morning routine has been restored !!

Kevin Siers

Mr. Haines' caption was published incorrectly in Monday's Observer. The version here online is the correct one. There are no plans at present to change the name of this feature to "We re-write the caption."

Ross Levin

Hey Judges, thanks for the Silver! I'll keep on trying, and welcome back YWTC, we missed ya!

Steve Ealey

Great submissions this week. The winner nailed it!

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