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Why is the winning one so dumb? I find the irony in Tariq Bokhari entry making the top five. But shouldn't his read. "Look Kevin Siers is endorsing my campaign."

Kenneth Irving

Please tell me if there's some hidden meaning in the winning caption. I'm sure it's very funny but I just don't get it. Guess I'm a dumb person too.

Kevin Siers

It's a play on that Bruce Willis movie, "The Sixth Sense." You know, it's the one about the little kid who creepily says, "I see dead people." It's a great flick.


Kenneth Irving has a point. No doubt, many people will be scratching their heads Monday morning. Having seen the movie, I can appreciate the cleverness and originality of the winner. I second Kevin's endorsement...of the movie !!!

Kenneth Irving

I suppose I'm going to have to get out and see more movies. Thanks for the explanation. As always, I'm looking foward to next weeks cartoon. Guess I'm an eternal optimist.

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