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These are super! Doug Cox, you are up to 45 mins now - keep up the good work! Good one Ross Levin - knew you'd be back! Love the "lead toys" one too - wonder who submitted it?

Norm Daplume

I wonder if Siers might ever do a listing on the web page of the ones that were unprintable in the newspaper but gave the staff a chuckle anyway?

Franklin Delano

The Santa cartoon was a target rich environment-Kevin served up a great one to skewer. LT- Check your day of infamy comment responses...

Pickle D. Mugglenet

Some of these captions are more wizardly than Harry Potter...Couldn't stop laughing.

Ross Levin

LT - Thanks for the word. I was on a string of duds, but hopefully I'm back on my game. Great one Doug! Did not even think of rhyming! Also, liked Alex's local rather than steroid reference. Thanks for such fertile ground Kevin. Keep em coming!


I thought of one but forgot to send. "With Kwanza and Hanukah gaining in popularity, he had to do it to compete."


Ross - I have the duds covered now. Saw your letter and picture on the editorial page today !! You're on a roll !!! So nice to hear from Frankie !!!

Doug Cox

I would like to thank my mother for the Oscar Wilde and Dorothy Parker action figures and Algonquin round table playset I received for Christmas as a child. Also, for her understanding of the Mad magazines and National Lampoons hidden under my mattress. Season's Greetings!

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