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Good choice of winner. The trick to winning these seems to be able to come up with one that is clever, but not obvious. I know that this is listed as one of the guidelines, but it appears to be the driving one.


Another great winner and runners-up this week. For me, Carolyn's really stands out as being "clever, but not obvious". Too bad there can't be more than one winner. I wish more people would comment. We need some variety !! I wonder if R. Kroc is still around ?!?!?!?


Thanks, Laura! Usually the ones that are not obvious amuse me the most. I liked the one in the other better lines about the empty big boxes.


Thanks back to you Carolyn! That empty big boxes caption is one I submitted! I enjoy the not so obvious ones as well, and Mr Mayor is always a fun subject. Have a great week!

A. Warhol

LT -Kroc is alive and well and delivering biting satire from a Stanly County McDonald's. Delivery in 15 minutes or less.

Datoo  Reimember

LT- September 5th?


A. Warhol - thanks for the update on Kroc. People come and go so quickly around here!
Datoo - nothing like a little mystery!

The Pop Artist formerly known as Warhol

LT- You show evidence of learning by Ozmosis! N GA?

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