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Really liked the very last one of the better lines it was clever and covered it all for the New Year!

Kevin Siers

That very last line came in past deadline, so too late to qualify for top honors, but definitely worth sharing.

Ross Levin

I was out of town so couldn't submit but I bet it would have been better than yours.....NOT! Way to go Ken, another great one!


Only a sad, pathetic person would do this for a living but looking at your photo makes it so clear.....

Mick Jaggermeister

Angieeee, angieeee, when will those clouds all disappear?

Crisp and poignant, Mr. Irving!


Once more, Kenneth ROCKS the caption contest! Doug Cox...not you AGAIN! You guys! Happy New Year to all the caption writers (real and imaginary)! Looking forward to more fun, should be an interesting year.

Helen Ever Ready

Angie baby, you're a special lady (?), living in a world of make believe !!

Randy Thomas

Great caption Mr. Irving, and a good choice by Kevin.
Angie, have you ever seen a political cartoon before? They're supposed to tweak those in power. I'll admit to voting for Bush both times, but I still thought the cartoon was funny.

Ms. Tori

Get your eyes checked Angie. He's hot for an old guy !!!!

Leonardo Decaptiono

Kevin Siers may well be the leader of the minions with a face for radio and a voice for newspaper who live quiet, sad, pathetic, but examined lives of desperation. What does it say for us the unpaid caption contributors who can't even
find work as there are no openings for Renaissance men; those who can't slice deli meat for minimum wage with rapier wit? Personally, I live in envy of anyone who can make a living by the sweat of their pen.

Ed E. Toriall

Angie's comment is Thomas Nast-y!


Happy New Year to all and congrats to all the winners, runners-up, and those who submitted the other good ones!

Kevin is incredibly creative and talented. Many of us love this contest; if you don't, maybe your New Year's resolution should be to try to be more positive and open-minded.

Kenneth Irving

Ross Levin, thanks for staying away long enough for me to sneak in and win one. I have no doubt that you would have trumped me easily. Mick, I married an Angieeee back in the 70's and the clouds never did disappear. She's a special lady indeed!LT, I look foward to enjoying your wit and humor during '08,I thank Kevin for giving all of us amateur satirists a chance to use our imaginations in a forum as public as the Charlotte Observer.Happy New Year to all of you and as they say, "see you in the funny papers".

One of the Un-Irving

Great hook with the cover-up angle. The quality of Ken's caption submission is

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