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Sure is quiet around here today! Great job capturing all the "quibbling", and (for me) one of the most thought provoking captions in the year since I've been hanging around.

suzanne and co.

Great caption this week....kudos to Ken..I was going more for the goose and golden eggs comments way off base I guess! But enjoyed all the fairy tale winners...

Kenneth Irving

It seems that the line between fairy tales and nursery rhymes has gotten a little blurred this week. Having said that, the winning caption is very deserving of the top spot this week! Way to go Ken. (I kinda like the sound of that)


Kenneth, you have a good point. I think Pres. Clinton may be at the bottom of this. He mentioned something about not taking a nickel to see the cow jump over the moon during the same "vent" when he described something Obabma said or did as a fairy tale. Have fun in the snow!!!


make that Obama !! sorry

D. Cox

Both Irving and Clinton appreciate the subtle differences of oral tradition.

Randy Thomas

Man from Nantucket? Oral tradition?
When, exactly, did this become an R-rated blog? I guess it's just symptomatic of our modern society, where those who choose to be disruptive or offensive have more rights than the rest of us who are forced to put up with it.

D. Cox

How sad that Clinton's actions ruin a good discussion on the origins of popular literature. Off to a Polite Society skeet match..

...you might want to change your outfit before you go...

D. Cox

Could be the high moral fiber cereal...

...this too shall pass...

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