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"By George, I think someone's White House office shredded the instructions!"


We had to send it back . . . It only got three miles to the bale.


It's another Sier's political cartoon. Inflate it, and it only get's bigger! Full of hot air, and no intelligent content!

A. Nonnie Moose

I thought about the "right side" angle for a while but decided to go with the very lame..."The darn thing was shipped without any legs!" I guess I was thinking it might survive without the right side, but it wouldn't get very far without any legs!!! Really like the "Rudy" one in the other better lines, and the "three miles to the bale" from the comments section.

Randy Thomas

I definitely understand the confusion on their faces ... it must be hard to figure out exactly where to aim your pitch to Republicans these days. Also, given the chances of a GOP victory this Fall, I think Nonnie's caption about not having any legs is a pretty good one.


And once again another lame caption is picked.

Kevin Siers

Another unsatisfied customer. (Sigh) as Charlie Brown would say. Did you have some creative alternative? If so, this is the place to let us know. We want everyone to have their say . . . .

Jerry Lewis Swift

Maybe we could modestly propose a telethon to raise funds to cure lame caption and comment submissions as well as the Republican party. We could get the elephant some legs and a right side and offer unfulfilled readers meatier captions. The Jocular Dystrophy Association???

Trogg Lodyte

Wildthing- your comment really moved me...
You make everything groovy.

Lomonosov Lavoisier

This caption defies the law of conservation of matter-How can half be missing, yet everything is left? I'm also concerned about
the time posted on these comments: they jump
3 hours into the past or else the server in located somewhere in the Middle of the Atlantic-no wonder the comments are often unpacific.

L Lavoisier Cool J

Actually my space time continuum is fluxed-This blog is a pacific zone.

Ross Levin

Um, I thought I was "with it" but some of the comment posts over the past month or so are going right over my head. Oh well, ignorance is bliss. I'll try to catch up best I can. In the meantime, wow, there sure are a lot of supremely happy people out there!

Steven E. Davies


I'm Runner-up, two weeks in a row. Now I know how Adlai Stevenson must have felt.


Tough decision, there are some really good responses to this weeks contest. Your contests are sharpening the wit of many in the Charlotte area.

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