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Let me start off with I'm a diehard Oz fan and was truly hoping for this cartoon!The winner is truly a "Winner" in it's own rank, but to me didn't fit this picture. I'm not gong to lie I wrote things myself that I thought I'd never write, just to win..but I'm sorry I did now! But I feel mine wasn't as harsh and one of the better lines and I'm thankful my other lines weren't chosen. So thank you Mr. Siers and your staff for not choosing me...

Kenneth Irving

Suzanne, I'd really like to know what you wrote,at the very least the one you consider your best line.


I'll have to agree with suzanne in that I felt the winner's comments didn't fully fit the picture, but that's just MHO. Mine were on the harsh side :) ("The White House is that way..." and "Guliani needs a brain..."). They were hilarious at the time when I thought of them. Anyway, I think I like the "Oprah paved it..." one the best.

Miles E. Cyrus

You would think they were giving away Hannah Montana tickets with people submitting anything to win! In this contest we see the softer side of Siers...
I had hopes for "Careful, straw poll ahead-may cause loss of character!"&"If PACs and lobbyist are emptyhanded, yell ATM! ATM!" Glad they didn't publish any referencing "unlickable Oreo" ,"Best In Show,Iowa-Mixed Breeds", "He's from a broken home","well-hung Garland after the holidays" etc. and other totally insensitive submissions.


I agree. A decent winner but not closely related to the photo. The munchkin talking is the member of the "lollipop guild". Since Hillary has the support of "organized labor", I thought there might be reference about that somewhere.


What is with you people? This is the funniest winner in Siers Cartoon history! It fits the drawing perfectly! Actually, there are several very funny entries. Good week.


I'm a big fan too Suzanne. I'm relieved to know that I'm not the only one that went a little overboard with this one. I would understand if Kevin spam blocked me. I don't think any of mine were too harsh...but most of them didn't even work with the drawing. I knew it when I sent them, but there they went anyway. If I only had a brain !! The only one I really liked of my bunch was "You may defeat The Witch, but Senator, you're no Dorothy !!" I really like Linda's winner. Way to go !!! Thanks Professor Marvel for watching out for us in our emotional frenzy !!! sniff...sniff...snort...gulp...sigh...


Between me and my family, there were over 60 or so entries...don't get me wrong I'm not being a sore loser, although it may sound like it, I can't believe I went to that extreme....We had a runner-up and a better line win. I really like my "Beyond the Yellow Brick Road, it all changes!" I just was making a comment. Thanks to all who agreed....


I feel a little sorry for Mr. Siers. With daily readership over 1/2 of a million, plus who knows how many online readers, and with one family submitting over 60 entries, I can only imagine how many entries he receives for each of these.

I have to disagree with those that think this is the funniest winner ever. Nor does it fit the picture perfectly. The witch doesn't melt in Munchkinland.

It was clever nonetheless.

Kenneth Irving

LT's line "You may defeat the witch but Senator, you're no Dorothy" is hilarious. Hard to believe it's been that long since Vice Presidential candidate Dan Quale was hammered by a similar line.


Thanks Kenneth !!! I had to go pretty far back in the "archives" for that one. Sadly, it was the best I could do for this one. I would love to know what you submitted this week. I see one in the other better lines that looks like your wonderful style. If you get a chance,and don't mind sharing, let me know.

Randy Thomas

I think Ken's use of "clever" is an excellent way to describe this week's winner. It may not have been a perfect match to the drawing, but it was pretty darn good. And it's always nice to get some fresh input. Bravo to Linda Sarazen.

Kenneth Irving

LT, the best I could come up with was; " You don't need wizardry to catch up, just a few tears " That lame entry caused me to tear up. Good luck next week!


Kenneth, I thought that looked like it had your name written all over it. Good luck right back atcha...not that you need it!

D. Cox

I limped in on sequined heels, ruining a blue dress, to canvas no more... But Linda's
was much more in the moment. Kevin has to come up with 300 of these per year and
do the artwork. Not sure what McClatchey pays cartoonists, but I often read the political cartoon before the front page!
Kudos Linda!


I thought the caption was clever... but Hillary would have been a better subject here as Dorothy, not Obama.

Kevin Siers

I had drawn a Hillary cartoon for last Sunday's editorial page, but hadn't done much with Obama lately. So thought this might make a strange challenge for readers. Turns out I was right. Some entries focused on Obama in the dress, some on the yellow brick road, some on the Munchkin, but most talked about Hillary as the wicked witch. Ms. Sarazen's really struck me as a great way to sum up the New Hampshire primary -- most observers thought Hillary was a gooey goner, but they were mistaken. Thanks again for all your entries, some 300-plus this week (with 60 coming from suzanne & Co.) Look forward to hearing from all of you again Monday.


Agreed Kevin. The best editorial art creates a lot of response, and this week's caption certainly generated a lot of feedback. You're a good editorial artist and I can't wait for next week's caption.


I was just curious, Linda, how you meant the word "tearing up". Were you thinking "tear" as in crying or as in causing a commotion? (do I sound like Bill Clinton now???????)

Ross Levin

Wow, lots of meaty comments. I love it! LT, mine was so bad I am sure Kevin read it and reached for the Pepcid. I replaced "Lollipop Guild" with "a member of the Sucker Club" and let's just leave it at that. I just hope I'm not blocked cuz I got an earful for Mother Goose!


Ross, I'll be looking for your name on Friday! No pressure! I'm off to a slow start, but the week is still young!!! Have fun!


"So, we wound him up a little bit too tight...so what?"

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